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I have always wanted to expand You Can Read Sight Words and make a You Can Read Word Families set!  The time has come! I took all of our You Can Read printables and adapted them to focus on one word family at a time. I even added lots of new printables. I selected 4 words from each word family to keep it simple for younger kids who are ready for this. Our first set features _at word family printables.

at Word Family Printables

I have not created all of the sets I plan to create, but have several done and am working quickly on them!  Since I am using one set per week with Ladybug, I have to work fast! I plan to release freebies from each unit on my blog and share some ideas for using the printables. I have already released free _at Q-Tip Painting and _at Word Puzzles. Sometimes you may also find entire sets complete free here within blog posts!

How we are Using These…

We are not using all of the printables each week, there are lots of choices so that you can choose what will work best for your child. I used almost all of the printables the first week to see what she enjoyed the most.  That’s my suggestion for you too.  Print the entire first set and use that as a way to see what your child does/doesn’t enjoy.

My daughter is 5 1/2 and is more than ready for word families {we are a bit late honestly due to our many transitions this year} so she is easily learning one set per week. Honestly, she knows CVC words already and can sound out most words, we are just adding in word family fun to get more fun learning in.

We are using these alongside of our You Can Read Sight Words unit {we finished unit 8 recently} We basically just added this in to our other Kindergarten curriculum. If I had finished these, I would have started earlier than this with her.  As I said, we are behind due to life circumstances, but that’s OK!

What’s Included?

Here’s a picture by picture overview of the entire set of printables {including the ones we didn’t use the first week since we don’t use them all each week}. These photos also show the order we used the printables, she helped me choose what to do each day.

I am using a 3 ring binder with a clear cover to help organize Ladybug’s work.  On the front, I put the poster.  I use this first to introduce the words to her. Inside I used heavyweight sheet protectors so she can easily flip through the pages and choose.

YCR at Word Family -2615

Matching ~ draw a line to match the word to the correct picture.  Coloring optional, she almost always chooses to color ~ so different from my boys!

at word family matching

YCR at Word Family -2632

Beginning Sounds ~ look at the picture and figure out the missing beginning sound and write it in!

at word family

YCR at Word Family -2638

Word Puzzles!  See our post sharing these here!

at word family puzzles

YCR at Word Family -2643 YCR at Word Family -2656


Funny Fonts ~ each word has a color, you can use dot paint or simply circle the words using crayons or markers. We have even used colored stickers to put on the words before!  The words are written in different fonts to give exposure to all sorts of writing.

at word family

YCR at Word Family -2675



Word Connecting ~ draw lines to connect the same word to make shapes, reading each word aloud as you connect.


YCR at Word Family -2679



Tracing ~ Practice left-to-right tracing skills by connecting the matching words.

at word family

YCR at Word Family -2695



Roll and Graph ~ Print the die on cardstock and cut out and fold/tape together. Roll the cube and mark the word you roll.  The pictures are wild rolls, you can choose any word to mark when you roll a picture!  See more ideas for using roll and graph here!

at word family

YCR at Word Family -2700

Play dough mats!  Use play dough to make the words.  This is great for fine motor skills,and also a time to really talk about the formation of the letters and sounds they make as you form them together.

at word family Slide9

YCR at Word Family -2884

Ladybug likes to take them off of the mats when she’s done and line them up like this!

YCR at Word Family -2886



Q-Tip Painting, see our post sharing these here!

at word family

YCR at Word Family -2893

YCR at Word Family -2896



Color by word ~ color the books the correct color!  Or paint the words!

at word family

YCR at Word Family -2899



BINGO! A very simple version of BINGO for young kids. We take turns calling out words for fun.  Each game obviously goes quickly with a small board, so we play a few times when we do this activity.

at word family

YCR at Word Family -2908



Word Building ~ I cut these out for her and spread them out on the table.  She then builds all of her words and tapes them on colored paper!

at word family

YCR at Word Family -2921

Mini Book ~ cut out the pictures, color if desired, glue on the correct page!

at word family at word family

YCR at Word Family -2922



Sentence Search ~ we use two different colored markers for this activity.  One color for the focus words and one for any other words she can read independently.  Then at the end we read the sentences together her reading circled words and me reading the others.

at word family

YCR at Word Family -2935



Build a Word ~ in the past we have used these for stamping, but lately we’ve been using our mini letter construction set.

at word family

YCR at Word Family -2925

YCR at Word Family -2930



Here’s the printables we didn’t use this week.  I do NOT recommend using everything in each pack every week.  Most kids won’t enjoy it all or need it all.  There are many options so you can make it work for your child.

We use the poster {shown at the very top of this post} as our notebook cover, but there’s another option included as shown on the left below.  We don’t use the flashcards at this point, those are in the middle.  We also didn’t use the box handwriting practice {on right} this week.’

Slide5 Slide6 Slide23


I hang her work up by her desk each week, here’s an end of the week photo {some of her work is done in sheet protectors with dry erase and therefore doesn’t get hung}

YCR at Word Family -2967


Did you make it this far?  Like what you see?  Grab the You Can Read Word Families Bundle here!


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