All About Birds Calendar Connections

All About Birds Calendar Connections Printables

I am so excited to share that my friend Shannon {she writes the Calendar Connections cards for us, I design and host them} is back with new Calendar Connections for you!  She came to visit me a couple of weeks ago and we sat side by side as she created these! 

We also brainstormed new topics together and have a brand new line of K-2 Calendar Connections coming your way!  Our main sets are targeted for grades 3-6, and can be used with any ages.  Our new K-2 sets are much simpler and are more similar to our current Baby Animals set here.  Stay tuned, we have our first K-2 set coming this week also!

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We chose All About Birds for our next theme! This set will take you through the world of birds and discuss many scientific facts about the bird world.  The facts are written at a 3rd – 6th grade level but you will be able to water them down for younger kids. It’s a great way to involve your entire family in exploring a particular theme.

All About Birds Calendar Connections

NOTE: these DO print front to back, as they ARE our premium design. We have decided moving forward that all of our free sets will be this design.  A bundle with an eBook option will be offered for sale in my Teacher’s Notebook Shop soon.  You can see an example of the bundled set here!

The cards fit my particular pocket chart calendar.  I print my numbers on cardstock and laminate them before cutting them apart.

Calendar Connections Supplies

We also still create smaller sets to go along with the small pocket charts found in the Target $1 section. Be sure to visit this post for a tutorial of how to sew your $1 pocket chart into a calendar!

There is also a sheet included to be used in a Calendar Notebook if you are using those too!Calendar Connections All About Birds 3rd-6th Grade SMALL


See some great bird books to go along here!

Bird Books for Kids

You can download these for FREE here!

Scroll down and look for this graphic to find this set!

All About Birds Calendar Connections

Looking for more bird fun, here’s our Bird Pinterest board!

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You can use most of our Calendar Connections cards for any month! We now have 16 sets to choose from, and we will still be adding more too!

Calendar Connections Set 1

We are taking suggestions for upcoming themes.  Leave suggestions in the comments!