Birds Sensory Bin

Bird Sensory Bin

In honor of Ladybug’s Tot School Printables Letter Dd theme {last week} ~ birds, and also our new Birds Preschool Pack which we are doing this week, I put together a small bird sensory bin to go along with our theme.  My mom sent up these adorable and realistic supplies to make it easy for me, thanks mom!IMG_0901

I just used black beans as the base-only because they were a natural color and all that I had.  In the bin ~ a small nest, tiny eggs, 2 birds and a wooden birdhouse!

IMG_0904  IMG_0903

The kids LOVE this bin, Krash in particular has asked for it many times!  Here’s some first day action shots…IMG_2217

Krash asked for a hook to hang the birdhouse and spent tons of time flying the birds around, it was so cute!IMG_2233

We added containers and spoons and pretended we were filling a bird feeder…IMG_2227

Ladybug had lots of fun practicing her spoon skills with the beans…IMG_2239

She also counted eggs with me in our paint tray…IMG_2255

Even the old guy loved it!  He always loves the bins!IMG_2261


Our bird bin is very simple and not very impressive, but the bin Cindy shared on Totally Tots was awesome!  I was just too lazy to gather more items for this one!!!  The theme this month is BIRDS on Totally Tots, so be sure to check out many other great ideas that have already been shared and will be shared!

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Birds Preschool Pack

Birds Printable Pack

Jolanthe, from Homeschool Creations, and I worked together to create this Preschool Pack all about birds!  We are each taking the packs up a notch {academically}, so you will see some Kindergarten skills in them now also.  Krash has officially started Kindergarten, so many of my new packs will be great for both Preschoolers and Kindergartners.  Some tots will enjoy them also!  Just print the portions you think your child would enjoy!Birds Button

Here is a sampling of the part I created…Birds

Included in my portion:

  • Bb is for Birds Play Dough page
  • Birdhouse Matching Game
  • Sorting: Birds/Birdhouses
  • Color the Birdhouses: Warm & Cool Colors
  • Color the Bird Easy Reader
  • Bird/Birdhouse Patterning Cards
  • Bird to Birdhouse Tracing
  • Little Bird Song
  • Rebus Story {with sight word cards to find in the story}

Here is a sampling of what she created…Birds_collage2-385x271

You can visit her blog today for more details on her portion!

We enjoyed working together and hope you enjoy the result! If you have older children interested in birds, I highly recommend this Backyard Birds Lap n Note from Homeschool Share.  PacMan did portions of this bird lapbook awhile back and really enjoyed it!

The theme this month on Totally Tots is BIRDS, so you will certainly find tons of new resources there also!


You can download the entire

Birds Preschool Pack here for free!

In the Works ~ Backyard Birds Lapbook

We began our Backyard Birds lap/notebook and we’re loving it! I let Pac-Man choose the birds we will study, with only 1 stipulation-he has to have seen one in either our backyard or the backyard of his grandparent’s down in NC (he bird watches a ton down there).

For his first bird, he chose the White Throated Sparrow, which I think is a really cute bird! In the photo below you can see the cover of this section, which has the name and 2 photos I took of this bird in our backyard. He is coloring the bird from this online coloring book of birds.We got the WONDERFUL mini books from Homeschool Share’s great Backyard Birds Lap ~n~ Note. There are tons of resources to use. Be sure to check out Ami’s (the creator of these wonderful minis) post about her son’s backyard birds Lap/Notebook, it’s awesome!We are putting each of his folders like this one together into a 3 ring binder (you can see the wholes punched in this folder). I am learning more than I ever even wanted to know about birds!!!