Let’s Draw Birds!

Let's Draw Birds - Free Printables


I love to draw but am not a natural artist. I love drawing tutorials and have used them in my homeschool with my kids for years. When I saw this fabulous set of bird drawing tutorials in a clipart collection I was thrilled to create a set of printables for you to use.

There are 8 different birds included: flamingo, swan, quail, owl, nightingale, penguin, ostrich and vulture.  Each bird has a full size page with the drawing steps on the left and a blank area to draw on the right. This way you can easily trim off the tutorial if you want to display just your child’s drawing!

Drawing Birds (1) Drawing Birds (2)Drawing Birds (3) Drawing Birds (4)Drawing Birds (5) Drawing Birds (6)Drawing Birds (7) Drawing Birds (8)


There is also a set of cards in case you want to print these only, laminate them and add them to your art area!




Download your free Let’s Draw Birds printable set here!


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