Backyard Birds Calendar Connections {K-2}

North American Backyard Birds Calendar Connections for K-2nd Grade

Yesterday we shared our new All About Birds Calendar Connections with you!  Today I am excited to share our new set created especially for younger children!

We chose Backyard Birds for our K-2 theme! I must admit that I selfishly chose this theme for Shannon to create for us in honor of my daughter’s OBSESSION with our birds right now.  I made sure all of our personal backyard birds were included and then we worked together to add other common backyard birds from across North America.

On the back of each card you’ll find 4 things: food, nesting, location and a special fact. We wanted to limit the information on the back to be simple for younger kids to learn.  We tried to do this by focusing on what the particular bird eats, where/how it nests, where it lives, and one neat fact.

Calendar Connections Backyard Birds K-2

NOTE: these DO print front to back, as they ARE our premium design. We have decided moving forward that all of our free sets will be this design.  A bundle with an eBook option will be offered for sale in my Teacher’s Notebook Shop too.  You can see an example of the bundled set here!

The cards fit my particular pocket chart calendar.  I print my numbers on cardstock and laminate them before cutting them apart.


We also still create smaller sets to go along with the small pocket charts found in the Target $1 section. Be sure to visit this post for a tutorial of how to sew your $1 pocket chart into a calendar!

There is also a sheet included to be used in a Calendar Notebook if you are using those too!

Calendar Connections Backyard Birds K-2 SMALL


See some great bird books to go along here! My daughter LOVES the coloring book and her favorite book is Counting is for the Birds {which we have printables for here!}

Bird Books for Young Children



You can download these for FREE here!

Scroll down and look for this graphic to find this set!

Backyard Birds Calendar Connections for K-2



While there you’ll also see our All About Birds set designed for 3rd-6th graders!

All About Birds Calendar Connections[8]

Looking for more bird fun, here’s our Bird Pinterest board!

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You can use most of our Calendar Connections cards for any month! We now have 16 sets to choose from, and we will still be adding more too!

Calendar Connections Set 1

We are taking suggestions for upcoming themes.  Leave suggestions in the comments!