Books of the Bible Poster ~ Free Printable

Books of the Bible Poster

A few months ago I shared an updated Books of the Bible Song Book printable. I am still {slowly} working on more printables that are Bible based.  I have a new Bible printable for you today, a color-coded Books of the Bible poster! The books are divided by type of book. I realize there are various ways to divide by type. I chose to use this code:

  • Law: red
  • History: orange
  • Poetry & Wisdom: yellow
  • Major Prophets: dark green
  • Minor Prophets: lime green
  • Gospel: light blue
  • History: aqua
  • Paul’s Letters: dark blue
  • General Letters: purple
  • Prophecy: pink
    This Books of the Bible poster can be printed on plain paper, cardstock, or even photo paper to display however you desire!
    Use it along with the Books of the Bible songs to help your kids memorize the books and also give them a visual for the types of books through the color code. Stay tuned for more printables to go along with this color code!

Download your free Books of the Bible Poster here!

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