5th Grade Homeschool Wrap-Up, Oct. 2016

5th Grade Homeschool Wrap Up Oct 2016

This year I am doing individual grade level wrap-up posts instead of all three kids in one. I shared our first month of 5th grade here. This post will share highlights from October!

Here is the post about the curriculum choices we made for him.




Our 5th grader has an odd homeschool schedule due to his gymnastics training schedule. He practices most days and we organize his school time carefully to fit it all in. Somehow we get it all done, it amazes me!



Writer’s in Residence continues to work well, but the “I don’t like writing” has set in. He has told me that if he has to do writing he definitely prefers this curriculum but he would rather just not do writing.

5th Grade -7761


Personally, I LOVE it. I am so glad I gave it a try! I don’t like the complaining, but at least it’s less complaining than previous years! Below he was working on a family tree as a part of his recent assignment.

5th grade -8957



See his book list and reading record printable here.

We are almost done with reading The Sign of the Beaver together

He also reads books on his own at night and currently reading Dash.

His completed reading list so far this year…



He does Apologia Swimming Creatures with his 2nd grade sister and his dad.  They often watch videos that Daddy finds for them to bring the sea creatures to life!

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He also does The Mystery of History with his sister and Dad. The interest varies depending on the lesson.

History -8217



Oh how I love Teaching Textbooks and I love that it works for him!  He continues to use just the program with very little help from us! He loves it when the dog snuggles next to him while he is working!

5th Grade -8108



We are using Spectrum Vocabulary again because it worked well for him last year. Not his favorite, but he does it with little complaining.

Vocabulary Grade 5



We are using All About Spelling Level 5 this year and he is doing very well. I continue to love this spelling curriculum!

5th grade -7506



See our review of Evan Moor Geography here, there’s even a video peek inside. I continue to be so thankful I chose this book for him, we both enjoy it!Evan-Moor Daily Geography Practice 5th Grade





His competition season begins this weekend and we are all excited! Keep up with him on Instagram here where I try to share clips from his training and also from his meets! Here is a video from his recent testing, they test once a week to prepare for meets.

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Strep Throat and Lots of Play

He had Strep this past month and was wiped out for several days. He did LOTS of building during his downtime while home. He built so many cool things with our Citiblocs!

5th Grade -8866 5th Grade -8872


EEME Projects

He finished Q the Robot, see our full review here!

Q the Robot from EEME


A Recap of his 5th Grade Subjects

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