Chickens 4 the Hinsons ~ Week 3

Chickens 4 the Hinsons Week 3

Whoa. Chicks grow fast. I knew that, but experiencing it is a totally different adventure!

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If I had nothing else to do, I would do this much of my day. I love hanging out with my girls. This is Freckles, by far the most chill and people-friendly chicken we have!

Chicks week 3-2 Chicks week 3

She calls herself the Chicken Whisperer and we all agree. She has such a gentle and confident way with them.

Chicks week 3-4Chicks week 3-5

Chicks week 3-8 Chicks week 3-9

Chicks week 3 (4 of 4)

Chicks week 3-12

Chicks week 3-14

Chicks week 3-13

Chicks week 3-20

Chicks week 3-10



This is one of my girls, Gertie. She has the most color on her of all of the Black Sex Links.

  Chicks week 3-11

The feather growth on the younger set is gorgeous! On the left is a Barred Rock and on the right is a Rhode Island Red.

Chicks week 3-19  Chicks week 3-15

Current brooder situation…


They now have a top! These girls are quite flighty!

Chicks week 3-3

Added in a dust-bath-bowl. They love sitting in it!

Chicks week 3-7

Also added a larger and higher roosting stick and they LOVE it!

Chicks week 3-18



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