Pumpkin Tracing Fun

Tracing Fun Pumpkins

October is coming soon and pumpkins will be everywhere! We have a fun new Tracing Fun pack for you featuring pumpkins! See more Tracing Fun sets here!

Why Tracing Fun?

Tracing is a great way to develop fine motor skills while doing something fun! Many young children won’t enjoy tracing letters but might enjoy tracing the lines in these activity pages! Pencil-control skills are a skill that needs to be practiced, why not have fun doing it?

Is your Kindergartner having trouble holding a pencil correctly? See our post here about pencil grip and the simple tool we found very effective!!

Want to reuse these pages over and over again? Slip them into sheet protectors and use dry erase markers or crayons with them!

In this free printable tracing set you’ll find the following activity pages:

Tracing Fun Pumpkins (2) Tracing Fun Pumpkins (3)

Tracing Fun Pumpkins (1)


Download Pumpkin Tracing Fun here!

Pumpkin Tracing Fun



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