Color Through the Christmas Story–One Verse at a Time

Color through the Christmas Story One Verse at a Time for Advent

Simple. Easy to prep. Deep with meaning.  <—– my goals

I wanted something new this year, specifically for my daughter who is 9. I wanted to focus on the Christmas story in the Bible, one verse at a time. We have done many awesome daily Advent activities, but this year I wanted something different. I created this new Color Through the Christmas Story this week, which is why I am sharing it just a day before it begins. The good news – if you want to use it, you can print today and be ready for Dec, 1 EASILY! Or if you find this after Dec. 1, it’s easy to catch up!

The basic idea:

  1. Read one Bible verse {or 2 depending on the day}.
  2. Color the word or picture on the master picture.
  3. Discuss as desired.

See how simple that is?

Three options are offered for the daily verses. The first is a basic font with a tracing option. The second is the verse written out in full. I offered the verses in ESV, since that’s the version our church uses, but I also provided strips with the verse alone so you can look up together in whatever version you prefer.

Slide5 Slide11 Slide17

There is a coloring page that will come together throughout the month. My hope was that this page would lead to much discussion as each word and symbol is rich with meaning. This is easy to print for all of your children so they each have one to work on while you discuss the verses each day.


There’s a chart to guide you with what to color each day.


I printed the verses on red paper and made a paper countdown chain, but you could simply cut up the verses and pull one out each day.

Color through the Christmas Story Advent_

I chose the verses based on a few things, beginning with the prophecy found in Isaiah – planning to discuss this with her on the first 2 days. Then the verses get into the actual Christmas story from Luke. I bring the Wise Men in at their proper time {not actually at the manger at birth} by adding verses from Matthew. I then close with John 3:16 and John 1:14 to pull it all together.

I hope many of you enjoy this over the years. Download it for free by clicking the button below!

Download Here

Free Christmas Printable Collection

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