10 Ideas to Keep JESUS at the Center of December

10 Ideas to Keep Jesus at the Center of December and Christmas

Are you looking for ways to keep Jesus at the center of your Christmas season? Jesus is the center of EVERY month, however in December, as we focus our attention towards CHRISTmas, many parents want to point their kids towards Christ. This post will share 10 ideas for you to help your children focus on JESUS during the month of December!

I do NOT recommend doing all of these, you will become overwhelmed as a parent! Choose what stands out to you and speaks to your heart.

Ideas for keeping Jesus at the center of Christmas for kids

1. Advent Organization

One thing I like to do is plan our Advent activities in advance to save my sanity. I use the brown paper bag method and add whatever I want into the bags each year. See what we did specifically one year here!

Organize Advent Activities in Advance

2. Jesse Tree

One thing that has been a part of our Advent bags is our JesseTree Calendar cards and ornaments.

Jesse Tree Resources

3. Truth in the Tinsel

We have had SO much fun with Truth in the Tinsel. I highly recommend it if you haven’t experienced it yet!


4. Nativity Printables

Many years ago I created a Nativity Preschool Printable Pack and recently we released a new Nativity Mega Bundle. We also have Nativity Q-tip painting here! Create a Christmas Activity notebook filled with fun printables that focus on Jesus’ birth!

Nativity Mega Bundle Christmas Nativity Printables Christmas Nativity Q-Tip Painting

5. CHRISTmas Books

We love collecting Christmas books and below you can see our very favorites! Click over to the blog if reading in email.

Favorite Christmas Books for Kids

6. The Sparkle Box

one of those books above is The Sparkle Box. This was an AWESOME time for our family, I blogged about one of our years with the Sparkle Box here. See why Ladybug didn’t think it was such a great idea at first.

The Sparkle Box

7. Christmas Bible Verse and Nativity Coloring

Spend some time coloring as a family with our many free coloring printables! We have Christmas Bible Verse Coloring here, Nativity Coloring for Kids here,

Christmas Nativity Coloring Christmas Bible Verse Coloring

8. CHRISTmas Play Sets

One of our favorite traditions is getting out our nativity play sets. Many we have had since my kids were very young and even as they get older, we still get them out! If reading in email, jump over to blog to see links}

Our favorites:

9. The Birth of Jesus from Grapevine

I love this simple study, see our experience with it here.

Grapevine Bible Studies The Birth of Jesus

10. The Right Attitude

Above all else, a Godly attitude throughout the busy month of December is one of the best ways we can keep Jesus at the center!

Mommy's Attitude matters more than the Activities

What are YOUR favorite ways to focus on Jesus during the Christmas season?