Color Through the Christmas Story–One Verse at a Time

Color through the Christmas Story One Verse at a Time for Advent

Simple. Easy to prep. Deep with meaning.  <—– my goals

I wanted something new this year, specifically for my daughter who is 9. I wanted to focus on the Christmas story in the Bible, one verse at a time. We have done many awesome daily Advent activities, but this year I wanted something different. I created this new Color Through the Christmas Story this week, which is why I am sharing it just a day before it begins. The good news – if you want to use it, you can print today and be ready for Dec, 1 EASILY! Or if you find this after Dec. 1, it’s easy to catch up!

The basic idea:

  1. Read one Bible verse {or 2 depending on the day}.
  2. Color the word or picture on the master picture.
  3. Discuss as desired.

See how simple that is?

Three options are offered for the daily verses. The first is a basic font with a tracing option. The second is the verse written out in full. I offered the verses in ESV, since that’s the version our church uses, but I also provided strips with the verse alone so you can look up together in whatever version you prefer.

Slide5 Slide11 Slide17

There is a coloring page that will come together throughout the month. My hope was that this page would lead to much discussion as each word and symbol is rich with meaning. This is easy to print for all of your children so they each have one to work on while you discuss the verses each day.


There’s a chart to guide you with what to color each day.


I printed the verses on red paper and made a paper countdown chain, but you could simply cut up the verses and pull one out each day.

Color through the Christmas Story Advent_

I chose the verses based on a few things, beginning with the prophecy found in Isaiah – planning to discuss this with her on the first 2 days. Then the verses get into the actual Christmas story from Luke. I bring the Wise Men in at their proper time {not actually at the manger at birth} by adding verses from Matthew. I then close with John 3:16 and John 1:14 to pull it all together.

I hope many of you enjoy this over the years. Download it for free by clicking the button below!

Download Here

Free Christmas Printable Collection

Manger and star of Bethlehem abstracy christmas background nativity scene on wooden board closeup

10 Ideas to Keep JESUS at the Center of December

10 Ideas to Keep Jesus at the Center of December and Christmas

Are you looking for ways to keep Jesus at the center of your Christmas season? Jesus is the center of EVERY month, however in December, as we focus our attention towards CHRISTmas, many parents want to point their kids towards Christ. This post will share 10 ideas for you to help your children focus on JESUS during the month of December!

I do NOT recommend doing all of these, you will become overwhelmed as a parent! Choose what stands out to you and speaks to your heart.

Ideas for keeping Jesus at the center of Christmas for kids

1. Advent Organization

One thing I like to do is plan our Advent activities in advance to save my sanity. I use the brown paper bag method and add whatever I want into the bags each year. See what we did specifically one year here!

Organize Advent Activities in Advance

2. Jesse Tree

One thing that has been a part of our Advent bags is our JesseTree Calendar cards and ornaments.

Jesse Tree Resources

3. Truth in the Tinsel

We have had SO much fun with Truth in the Tinsel. I highly recommend it if you haven’t experienced it yet!


4. Nativity Printables

Many years ago I created a Nativity Preschool Printable Pack and recently we released a new Nativity Mega Bundle. We also have Nativity Q-tip painting here! Create a Christmas Activity notebook filled with fun printables that focus on Jesus’ birth!

Nativity Mega Bundle Christmas Nativity Printables Christmas Nativity Q-Tip Painting

5. CHRISTmas Books

We love collecting Christmas books and below you can see our very favorites! Click over to the blog if reading in email.

Favorite Christmas Books for Kids

6. The Sparkle Box

one of those books above is The Sparkle Box. This was an AWESOME time for our family, I blogged about one of our years with the Sparkle Box here. See why Ladybug didn’t think it was such a great idea at first.

The Sparkle Box

7. Christmas Bible Verse and Nativity Coloring

Spend some time coloring as a family with our many free coloring printables! We have Christmas Bible Verse Coloring here, Nativity Coloring for Kids here,

Christmas Nativity Coloring Christmas Bible Verse Coloring

8. CHRISTmas Play Sets

One of our favorite traditions is getting out our nativity play sets. Many we have had since my kids were very young and even as they get older, we still get them out! If reading in email, jump over to blog to see links}

Our favorites:

9. The Birth of Jesus from Grapevine

I love this simple study, see our experience with it here.

Grapevine Bible Studies The Birth of Jesus

10. The Right Attitude

Above all else, a Godly attitude throughout the busy month of December is one of the best ways we can keep Jesus at the center!

Mommy's Attitude matters more than the Activities

What are YOUR favorite ways to focus on Jesus during the Christmas season?

Advent Bag Ideas

One of our Christmas traditions is our Advent bags! I prepare these bags each year and hang them up. We have a few different things that can go in them and depending on the year, I choose from what we have used in the past and sometimes add something new! My boys have grown out of this mostly but my daughter, who is 8, still LOVES this!

Personally, I like it because it is a great reminder during the busy holiday season for me. I prepare these in advance and then enjoy the simple daily activities with my daughter.


These are the printable number cards we use.

Here is a post showing all of our bags a few years ago. I took a photo each day to hold myself accountable! I then compiled all of them into a post. I love that I did this, seeing her sweet little face pop up in my Time-Hop on my phone every day in December brings me joy!

Advent 2013

Resources we have used…

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More Ideas…

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Christmas Printables and Ideas

December 1 will be here before we know it!  The time to get organized for your Christmas homeschool fun is now!  Below you will find direct links to all of our Christmas printables and ideas.

Christmas Printables and Ideas

One thing I started years ago that has saved much sanity is our Christmas Activity Notebooks. I select printables for each child and load them up prior to December so we are less stressed and have some fun activities!  As the kids get older, I have less for them, a majority is for the younger ages.

Christmas Activity Notebooks

Our site has loads of free Christmas printables to load activity notebooks with!  Our Q-Tip Painting printables are some of our most popular.  We have a Christmas Fun set and a Nativity set.

Christmas Nativity Q-Tip Painting  Christmas Q-Tip Painting Printables

Do your kids like to color?  We have several Christmas coloring printables, you can download them all for free here.

Free Christmas Coloring Printables for Kids and Adults

We also have Christmas Tree Alphabet MatchingChristmas ABC Mazes, Christmas book story prop printables, a Nativity Printable Pack, 12 Days of Christmas PrintablesChristmas Tot Book, Christmas Songs and various other free Christmas printables.

Christmas Nativity Printables Christmas Printables for Kids Christmas Tot BookChristmas Book Story Prop Printables 12 Days of Christmas Printables Christmas Song Printables for KidsChristmas ABC Mazes Christmas Tree Alphabet Match

One of our favorite things to do during the month of December is our Christmas Sensory Bin.  We have a surprise a day and play lots of fun games with our bin!

A Surprise a Day Christmas Sensory Bin Listen Carefully Sensory Bin Game

Before I go any further, let me share this post. More is not better.  Make your December learning choices wisely and don’t do too much.  Your smile will be what they remember.  Stress is not good. Especially stress over the fun activities you planned.

Mommy's Attitude matters more than the Activities

Another way I stay less stressed is by organizing our Advent activities in advance.  I use a paper bag method and it works well for us.  Read more about it here.

Organize Advent Activities in Advance

There are many options for daily Advent fun.  We have Jesse Tree printables, Christmas ABCs, and have enjoyed using Truth in the Tinsel also!

Christmas Alphabet Printables Jesse Tree Resources

Grapevine’s The Birth of Jesus was a perfect fit for us last year, and we enjoyed a few simple Christmas crafts together.

Christmas Crafts for Preschoolers Grapevine Bible Studies The Birth of Jesus

We have tons of Christmas books, these are our absolute favorite Christmas books.

Favorite Christmas Books for Kids

The Sparkle Box is a yearly tradition for us, and we always love reusing old Christmas cards to make new ones!

The Sparkle Box Reusing Old Christmas Cards for Kids to Make New Ones

Have some fun with our Christmas Sweater or Christmas Tree mini packs!

Christmas Sweaters Mini Printable Pack Christmas Tree Mini Printable Pack

Working on multiplication? Have some fun with these Christmas Roll & Cover games!

We have Christmas Mega Bundles in our shop! See all about them on our blog here!

Christmas Mega Bundle  Nativity Mega Bundle

I also have a Christmas Pinterest board here!

Follow {1plus1plus1} Carisa’s board Christmas on Pinterest.

Advent Fun 2013

Advent 2013

I have purposely documented our daily Advent fun together this year on Instagram!  The secret reason I did this wasn’t really to share, but to keep myself accountable!  I am not always the best with follow-through on long term projects, like Advent.  My daily photos helped remind me and kept me from slacking off.

Since we traveled this year, I closed up our Advent activities on Dec. 19, so we doubled up some things that were intended to last longer. Dec. 19 ended up being a pretty crazy day and at the last minute I decided to pack up the very last Advent bag and bring it with us on our trip.  We opened the final bag on Christmas Day and read our Christmas Eve and Day Jesse Tree devotions together.

We used the brown bag set up this year and in the bags I kept ~ Jesse Tree ornament, Christmas ABC, and the Christmas joke.

Each school day the kids also got a new Christmas sensory bin surprise, and we also did our Birth of Jesus study for 7 of the school days. It was a low stress year, easy to do each day and for the most part, I kept my attitude in check.  I am mostly thrilled that the kids learned a lot, the Birth of Jesus study was reason for that!

Here’s a peek into Advent 2013 , thanks to Instagram!

IMG_5055  IMG_5081

IMG_5120  IMG_5182

IMG_5241  IMG_5264

IMG_5316  IMG_5335

IMG_5366  IMG_5390

IMG_5430  IMG_5453

IMG_5490  IMG_5531

IMG_5565  photo


Resources we enjoyed this year…