What is Juneteenth?

Juneteenth is coming soon!

“Juneteenth is short for June Nineteenth. June 19th is a holiday that marks the day that enslaved people that lived in our country, found out that they were legally free. It isn’t a national holiday, yet, but it’s important to know about. Teach your students about this day and enjoy the powerful conversations that will follow!”

~ quote from Read Like a Rock Star {Naomi}  and Education with an Apron {LaNesha}, grab their Juneteenth eBook & discussion guide here!

Grab some books from the library or order from Amazon to add to your home collection. Books are such a great way to get discussions going and bring learning as a family. I’ll be honest, until recent years I was totally unfamiliar with Juneteenth. My journey as a white woman is constant and I am bringing my kids along with me!

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Read about the history of Juneteenth here if you are unfamiliar. See more about teaching Juneteenth here. Here’s another great read for parents about Juneteenth.

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