What is Juneteenth?

Juneteenth is coming soon!

“Juneteenth is short for June Nineteenth. June 19th is a holiday that marks the day that enslaved people that lived in our country, found out that they were legally free. It isn’t a national holiday, yet, but it’s important to know about. Teach your students about this day and enjoy the powerful conversations that will follow!”

~ quote from Read Like a Rock Star {Naomi}  and Education with an Apron {LaNesha}, grab their Juneteenth eBook & discussion guide here!

Grab some books from the library or order from Amazon to add to your home collection. Books are such a great way to get discussions going and bring learning as a family. I’ll be honest, until recent years I was totally unfamiliar with Juneteenth. My journey as a white woman is constant and I am bringing my kids along with me!

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Read about the history of Juneteenth here if you are unfamiliar. See more about teaching Juneteenth here. Here’s another great read for parents about Juneteenth.

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Beach Montessori Printables – FREE 3 Part Cards

We have a new addition in our Montessori Printables collection! This is a brand new Beach Fun Nomenclature cards featuring photographs. If you are planning a beach theme, these free printables will be a great addition.

Many of you incorporate Montessori methods into your homeschooling, as I did when my kids were younger. I hope you enjoy these new free printables!

This new beach fun nomenclature card set contains 18 different items you might find at the beach!

Unfamiliar with Nomenclature cards, also called 3-Part cards? 

Nomenclature cards are a Montessori based idea. The word Nomenclature comes from the Latin “nomenclatura” which means assigning of names to things. Nomenclature cards are also called “3 part cards” for obvious reasons! Read here on our Montessori page to learn more!

Grab some fun beach books and toys to go along with a fun unit featuring beach fun!


Download your FREE Beach Fun Nomenclature Cards here!

Download Here

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Beach Fun Preschool Printables

We have a new Beach Fun Preschool Pack for you! I hope this new beach theme printable pack is put to good use by many of your tots and preschoolers!

You’ll find many printable activities to enjoy while exposing your children to early learning skills! Numbers, letters, shapes, colors, reading readiness, cutting, gluing, and more! Featuring many different beach images – ball, bucket, sun, flip flops, umbrella, chair, crab, sandcastle, and more. You can see a peek at the different activities included below – all free!

Add some fun beach theme books to your learning time, see our favorites here!

Download your FREE Beach Fun Preschool Pack here on our Beach Theme webpage! 

Look for the “download” box and click!

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Let’s Draw Flowers ~ Free Printables!

Let's Draw Flowers - Free Printables

I love to draw but am not a natural artist. I love drawing tutorials and have used them in my homeschool with my kids for years. When I saw this fabulous set of flower drawing tutorials in a clipart collection I was thrilled to create a set of printables for you to use.

There are 6 different flowers included: daffodil, rose, bellflower, cornflower, violet and poppy. Each flower has a full size page with the drawing steps on the left and a blank area to draw on the right. This way you can easily trim off the tutorial if you want to display just your child’s drawing!

Flower Drawing Tutorials (2) Flower Drawing Tutorials (3)Flower Drawing Tutorials (4) Flower Drawing Tutorials (5)Flower Drawing Tutorials (6) Flower Drawing Tutorials


There is also a set of cards in case you want to print these only, laminate them and add them to your art area!

Flower Drawing Tutorials (1)

Download your free Let’s Draw Flowers printable set here!

Let's Draw Flowers

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Seashell Coloring Pages

Seashell Coloring Pages

We have a brand new set of Seashell Coloring printables for you! These are great for adults who like to color as well as children. 

The idea behindJust Color! is simple ~ theme packs all focused around coloring. The coloring pages are all in one download to make it easier to download and print all at once, in case you have coloring monsters like I do!

If you want to make a mini coloring book, you can scale down PDF files.

Here’s a peek at the different pages in this free printable set! Pick the ones you like and enjoy some coloring time {with or without your kids}!

Seashell Coloring (1)

Seashell Coloring (2) Seashell Coloring (3)Seashell Coloring (4)

Seashell Coloring (5) Seashell Coloring (6)Seashell Coloring (7)

Seashell Coloring (8) Seashell Coloring

Download your free seashell coloring pages here!

Seashell Coloring