2020-2021 Year at a Glance Homeschool Calendar Printable

We start back to school soon and honestly, I am not emotionally ready. Technically I am prepared, but my heart just isn’t ready yet. I have counted lessons, days, weeks, and more to see when we should start. I count backward from the goal finish date and always allow for at least 3 weeks off at Christmas time. Based on a few other factors, that date is August 3 this year. I really should start then, and we probably will, but I give myself the freedom to change my mind if needed. So, it may be August 11. Follow me on Instagram to see when we actually start!

I made a colorful year-at-a-glance calendar to make myself feel better. It looks pretty, but the facts didn’t change simply because it is pretty. Bummer. Hopefully, my heart will catch up with reality soon. Normally, I am excited to get back to school and I pray I get there. Or at the very least I get a bit closer to excited than I am right now.

If you’d like to download the calendar I made you can here! I added a few different options, so be sure to print the one you want.


2020 Ultimate Homeschooling Bundle

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Take a peek inside here in this video!


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6th Grade Reading List

We have used visual reading lists in our homeschool for years now! I spend lots of time each summer creating these lists for my kids and they really help throughout the school year. Today I am sharing our 6th-grade book list, for my daughter.

I used many sources to find books I thought she might enjoy and that I wanted her to try. She is my bookworm and reads a LOT on her own. She gravitates towards fantasy books so I have tried to fill her list with more historical and realistic fiction. We may add to this list if I find new books throughout the year, but this is our starting point.


Assigned Books

This year I have already chosen the assigned books and created printables for them. I let her choose which book she wants to start with from the assigned books, she chose Stay, which I am excited about because I know she will love it!! You can find our printables for all of these books and more here on our Read for a Reason webpage! Below you can see the 6 books I am planning on assigning this year.

The rest of the books on the list are books I think she will enjoy and most I have read. I will use the remaining books as more assigned books or suggestions throughout the year. I like to make a bigger list than we will need so I don’t run out of ideas! We do not own all of these so I have her choose and I put the book on hold at the library.

Click here to see these books on Amazon!


The Reading Notebook

I made a quick video to show you her reading notebook! See it here on YouTube! All printables you see are available to download here.

I forgot to show the back of her notebook, that’s where I keep the genre printable so it’s easy to refer to!


Downloads & How-To…

I have a few downloads you are welcome to use if you’d like. First, here is a PDF copy of the book choice page featuring the books I chose for her. If you want to create your own visual list, it is easy! I have a video tutorial here!


Booklist Video…

I have a Facebook Live video sharing about these visual booklists, and why we love them! You can watch that here!


More Book Lists

Read for a Reason – Free Printables

When I first began homeschooling, I used booklists from curriculum providers and didn’t really venture outside of those lists. Over the past couple of years, I have found freedom in exploring books for my kids to read! I realized that many of the book lists I used did include newer books and some of those more recently written books have since become my very favorites!

Book Lists

​As I have created book lists for my own kids, I began sharing them. Each year I create a visual book list so my kids can choose from books I have pre-chosen for them. They don’t have to stick to these lists, but it gives them plenty of options that they know I think they will enjoy. We use the library a lot, so these visual lists help me plan as they choose books since we don’t own all of them! Last year I shared a video tutorial showing you how to make these for your kids!

Now that my kids are older, I do assign books to be read, and some books become read-alouds. Currently {summer 2020}, my daughter is entering 6th grade and my son is entering 9th grade {my oldest son is graduated}. My daughter loves to read but prefers fantasy so her assigned books tend to be more historical and realistic fiction. My son dislikes reading entirely so I try to be very careful with the books I assign so that they are books he will enjoy. I am close to finalizing their reading lists and will share those soon!

New Webpage!

For now, I want to share a brand new webpage filled with reading resources! I found that I felt disorganized when choosing my own books for my kids and honestly I often forgot which books {and why I chose them} as the school year progressed. I wanted a simple way to plan ahead but also have the freedom to add new books during the year. This led to a set of printables which became our reading notebooks! You can download everything I am about to share on our new Read for a Reason webpage here!

The Notebook

The notebook keeps me focused and prepared. It is simple and to the point.  You’ll be able to guess some of my daughter’s book assignments when you visit the webpage because I began with those books since I needed to get her notebook together first!

I used a 3-ring binder with a clear opening so I can slip the cover in the front. I also slipped the book genre reference page in the back so it’s always available.

Her reading record is in the front of the notebook, this is where she will keep a running list of books read this year.


I chose 6 books I want her to read this year, in addition to books she chooses on her own. I have read all of these and am fairly certain she will enjoy most of them. We will read a couple together and the others she will read independently. For each book, I created a simple information page and a bookmark.


The page is more of a reminder and a simple way to stay organized. I am very visual so having a page like this helps me a lot. It contains general info about the book as well as a grid to assign and mark off chapters. I also included either a quote from the book or a simple graphic and of course the book cover.

The bookmarks are a smaller version of this page and really helped my kids last year when we tested them near the end of the year.


After the page that is specific to each book, the general pages come! You’ll find a summary page, character list, vocabulary list, and favorite quotes list!

You can download all of these printables for free here! You’ll see book-specific printables for 9 different books so far, as well as a place for you to submit a book request {see red arrow below}!

I plan to add many more books and look forward to your suggestions! I truly hope this wepage helps you! See all of our Read for a Reason resources here!

Exploring Dolphins with Ivy Kids Kits

Ivy Kids Kits are incredible! We have been reviewing kits for a long time now and the boxes never disappoint!

Not familiar with Ivy Kids Kits?

Ivy Kits are a monthly educational subscription for children ages 3-8 developed by early childhood teachers with children of their own. You can tell these kits were developed by people who truly know young kids.  The activities are awesome. Not only can you subscribe to a monthly kit, you can also buy past kits.

Each Ivy Kit contains instructions with ways to modify games to best suit each individual child and provide adults with questions to structure a child’s learning. There are enough games and materials in each kit to engage and cognitively stimulate a child throughout the month and can be replayed for years to come.

We were sent If a Dolphin Were a Fish for this review!

This kit features the book If a Dolphin Were a Fish by Loran Wlodarski which is a funny and delightful story of a dolphin who imagines that she is a fish, a turtle, a bird, octopus, shark, and manatee. Children will enjoy the humorous illustrations and also learn lots of interesting facts about dolphins.

This kit contains over 10 science, math, art, literacy, and engineering activities inspired by the story.

Some Activities From Our Box…

Again, we decided to share our kit with my mom’s sweet neighbor who is 5. My daughter adores him and he was more than willing to enjoy the kit with her!


They enjoyed the Dolphin Pod game together, it’s always more fun when you have another kid to play with! She’s such a great helper to him!


The Letter Race game was perfect for our little friend!


They shared the crafts and had a great time together!


They enjoyed the echolocation activity and playing with the toy dolphin in the water!

One of my favorite activities is always the fact board! Such a great way to have lots of information all in one place for kids!

Not everything from this kit is pictured, they enjoyed more of it and are still enjoying some of it! 

You can buy this kit here!

We also loved our other Ivy Kids Kits, click on the images below to take a peek inside of each kit we have loved!

  Rainforest--Unit-Study-with-Ivy-Kids[1] Ladybug-Unit-Study-with-Ivy-Kids-Kit[1]  Three-Snow-Bears-Ivy-Kids-Kit62222  Fish-is-Fish-ivy-Kids-Kit-Review3122 A-House-for-Hermit-Crab-Unit-Study-w Dogs-Colorful-Day-Ivy-Kids-Kit-Revie[1]Gotta-Go-Gotta-Go-Ivy-Kids-Kit-Revie Mrs.-McTats-and-Her-Houseful-of-Cats[1] Over-in-the-Ocean-Unit-Study-with-IvPenguin-and-Pinecone-Unit-Study-with[1] Rainbow-Unit-Study-with-Ivy-Kids-Kit[1] Ivy-Kids-Kit-The-Snail-and-the-Whale When-it-Starts-to-Snow-Ivy-Kids-Kit3[1]Garden Unit Study with Ivy Kids Kits Exploring-Bees-with-Ivy-Kids-Kits4 Bird-Unit-Study-with-Ivy-Kids-kits3

20% off your first kit for NEW Subscribers to the monthly subscription kits!

Use code: IVY20


Buy any 3 past kits and save $10 plus free shipping with code: 10OFF

A huge thanks to Ivy Kids for sending us these kits to review. If you are looking for a simple way to do unit studies with your young child, I highly recommend Ivy Kids Kits!

When you subscribe to Ivy Kids, each month you will receive a very well organized kit containing a book and ten or more activities based upon the story. Everything you need to learn and play is included in your kit. I mean EVERYthing. These kits are incredible!