Fruit of the Spirit ~ Lapbook

We completed our Fruit of the Spirit lapbook today! It was a really fun unit, P and I both enjoyed it! We got everything from Danielle’s Place for this lapbook, just altered a few things to make them unique for our lapbook.

The Front…
We cut up his smelly painting (done with Kool-Aid mixed in with tempera paint) for the cover
Here he is painting it today!The Inside…
Left & Right: Bible Verse Cards for each fruit
Middle, Top Left: our songbook, we learned a new song for each fruit and made them into a songbook
Middle, Bottom Left: Self-Control pouch, with candy wrappers to remind us to have self control!
Middle, Top Right: Pineapple Patience, a game we got from the unit
Middle, Bottom Left: a fruits Memory game we played almost every day.**edited to add, I moved things around and added this mini-book that I found after we were all done!

In the Works ~ Fruits of the Spirit (Love, Joy, Peace)

We are REALLY enjoying our Fruits of the Spirit lessons, I am so thankful for what I found on the internet! Here is a photo of the items we are using each day…On the top row, cards from our memory game, the middle are Bible verse cards and the bottom are song book pages. All will eventually be in his lapbook! (I got them all off of Danielle’s Place)

In the works ~ Fruits of the Spirit

We are in the beginning stages of our Fruits of the Spirit unit, collecting items daily for our lapbook we will put together at the end. Here is what we are doing so far…

We are using a song on th CD Crazy Praize II, Fruit of the Spirit (I think other versions of this song are available on other cd’s, but I’m not sure). My son has learned the fruits from this song!

Each day we are learning about a fruit, so far we have done love and joy. Danielle’s Place has GREAT lessons, guiding through each fruit.

Each day P is also watching a funny little movie online, from the website, ToyBox Tales. He loves these so far, he is giggling constantly!

For the future lapbook, I am making him a mini-song book, and Bible Verse cards (1 verse focusing on each fruit each day). We are also playing the memory card game from Danielle’s Place every day. (That’s my dad playing with him, he’s visiting for the week!)We will also do many other things from her site! I am especially excited for Kool-Aid painting!

If anyone has any good Fruits of the Spirit sites or ideas, leave me a comment!