Fruit of the Spirit ~ Lapbook

We completed our Fruit of the Spirit lapbook today! It was a really fun unit, P and I both enjoyed it! We got everything from Danielle’s Place for this lapbook, just altered a few things to make them unique for our lapbook.

The Front…
We cut up his smelly painting (done with Kool-Aid mixed in with tempera paint) for the cover
Here he is painting it today!The Inside…
Left & Right: Bible Verse Cards for each fruit
Middle, Top Left: our songbook, we learned a new song for each fruit and made them into a songbook
Middle, Bottom Left: Self-Control pouch, with candy wrappers to remind us to have self control!
Middle, Top Right: Pineapple Patience, a game we got from the unit
Middle, Bottom Left: a fruits Memory game we played almost every day.**edited to add, I moved things around and added this mini-book that I found after we were all done!