Fall Time ~ Lapbook

It’s finished! We were finally able to do our leaf rubbings for the cover today, it has been raining here for days and the leaves were too wet! God brought us some sun and dry leaves today! P really had fun with this one, more than I thought he would. He seems to enjoy learning about seasonal things right now.

The Cover…The Inside…
Top Left: My Leaf Color Book (to practice writing/spelling color words)
Middle Left: Leaf Counting (basic addition and counting)
Bottom Left: Fall Spelling
Middle Top: Autumn Maze (he LOVES mazes)
Middle Bottom: Fall Is mini book
Top Left: Leaf Matching Cards {link no longer available, it was from Hands of a Child}
Left Middle: Autumn Crossword
Bottom Middle: Left/Right (I cut up a worksheet to make a mini book)The Back…
Scarecrow stationary from this book.
He dictated a story about a scarecrow to me. He enjoyed this since I usually have him write the stories. He tells very creative stories and I like to give him this opportunity to keep his creativity going!