Home Preschool ~ Letter X

Each week I share 2-3 posts sharing our home preschool learning.  This post is only sharing our letter focused work. If we have a theme of the week, it will be a separate post too.  All of our general play based learning will be in a final weekly wrap up post called, “Learning with Ladybug.”  I am separating out the posts to make them easier for people to find down the road when searching for specific letter/theme activities.  See our entire home preschool plan here!

Home Preschool Letter X

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Her Letter X ABC Basket

Home Preschool Letter X -5649

Since I didn’t really have a special theme in mind I set up a quick shelf stemming off of X-rays featuring our doctor play stuff and body books! I also pulled out our Doc McStuffins printables.  She loved it!

Home Preschool Letter X -5654


I got this cute idea and printable here. She colored the top to look like her.

Home Preschool Letter X -5665

Home Preschool Letter X -5670

We used white to make an X-Ray on the black paper!

Home Preschool Letter X -5672

Saw this idea here, to write X’s in white crayon before she painted with watered down black!

Home Preschool Letter X -5738

Home Preschool Letter X -5740


I saw this idea here first, to make a Q-tip X ray of her hand and arm, she loved this!

Home Preschool Letter X -5807




ABC Find It!  We used bird seed to bury the image cards in!

Home Preschool Letter X -5815

Home Preschool Letter X -5819

Home Preschool Letter X -5821

Home Preschool Letter X -5825


I have a few letter X printables for her to choose from.  She really enjoys these letter dot to dots.

Home Preschool Letter X -5693


She loved completing this letter X dot fun page with her tiny Spielgaben circles.

Home Preschool Letter X -5736


Our All About Reading Pre lesson for lowercase x was for the sound of “x” in ax.  She had a blast making wood pieces.

Home Preschool Letter X -5798

Home Preschool Letter X -5800

Finding words with the “x” sound in them.

Home Preschool Letter X -5802


Our finished Letter X work…

Home Preschool Letter X -5859-2


See more Letter X ideas on our X  is for Pinterest board, and even more ABC ideas on my ABC Ideas board!

image  ABC-Ideas-on-Pinterest4312222222222


See more theme based printables to go with the Letter X  here!


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Human Body ~ Lapbook

Better late than never!!! We FINALLY finished our gigantic human body lapbook!!! I honestly forgot about it until last week when I saw it in our drawer!! I knew we only had a few spaces left in it to fill with some review items but still hadn’t found what I wanted to use for fun/review. Then I found a new lapbook on Homeschool Share (such a wonderful site) and found exactly what I was looking for!!!
This is a huge lapbook, the biggest we have ever done, so this will be a long post since I like to share all of the links for what we used to make it easy for someone else who would like to do the same thing! First, here is our webpage for this lapbook, I made 2 of the templates for this lapbook, you can download those there.
I made the cover in Publisher, using a recent photo I had of him. I put Psalm 139:14 down in the corner.
This is the very back, on top are body part riddles and on the bottom, a list of some interesting facts about the body.

When you first unfold it, you see this. On the left is something cool my friend Shannon gave us, I have no idea where she got it! On the right is all of our Spanish work-learning body parts in Spanish! We used Sold on Spanish for the printouts.
Open the left side and you see this….
I made him a little flap book (on the left) all about how he has grown through the years. He wrote a bit about each stage of his life. On the right, he told me what he knew and wanted to know about the body and drew me a picture of the body. On the bottom is a printable I made. In the yellow checked pocket, are fingerprint art cards, from the book Ed Emberley’s Fingerprint Drawing Book, as well as fingerprints from all of our family members–which we used to compare and discuss. The other parts are from the curriculum book we used to base this unit on–How Your Body Works. I highly recommend this book, it was an excellent resource for us. The next section was all about senses and the neurological system. Again, the printables are from the book mentioned above. On the left are a few things cut out from here.In the middle of this section are also printable from the book. I made a pocket to hold the 3 mini books. On the left is a review of the different systems, as well as a Bible verse. On the right is the Ouch mini book I made.

Finally is the section about the skeletal system. All printables are from the book.We also added the body parts songs/poems to a side flap, as well as the body parts counting game and the labeling body parts review. A HUGE thank you to the creators of this wonderful lapbook from Homeschool Share, it is great!!

If you’d like to see our other posts about this lapbook, click here. Click here to go to the webpage about this lapbook!

In the Works ~ Human Body Lapbook

We are almost done with our Human Body lapbook! It is quite the project, and we have learned SO much! I created another printable for the unit, this time to summarize the info we learned in the book, Ouch! I made him a mini book in the shape of a band aid and he really liked it! Here he is working on his book…
You can find a PDF of the band aid book here!

In the Works ~ Human Body Lapbook

We are working our way through the human body and P is enjoying every moment we spend on it. We learned about the brain and he especially enjoyed the simple memory experiment found in this book:

I think we will use MANY of the neat experiments found in here during this unit. Here he is trying to study all of the items on the tray to test his brain after I cover them up to see how many he could recall. He made a tray for me too, it was really fun!

Here he is working on his personal growth mini book, I put photos of him at different stages and he is writing a sentence to tell something unique about how he looked or what his abilities were at that age. He loves this, I do too since it brings back wonderful memories of his baby and younger childhood! It was a great personal way to talk about the human life cycle and aging.

In the Works ~ Human Body Lapbook

P has been begging me to do a lapbook about the body and I have put him off for awhile, but we have finally begun. I was putting him off until I could collect the right resources and plan it all out in my mind, this will indeed be our largest lapbook yet, so there will be many “in the works” posts! We had a great time today learning all about what is found inside/outside of your body, here he is working on the minibook I created for him…We also learned about skin and fingerprints. He had a blast using the book, Ed Emberley’s Fingerprint Drawing Book to make fingerprint animals…We also collected fingerprints from each member of our family so we could compare. Here’s Daddy helping P get his fingerprint…I broke down and bought the book, How Your Body Works and I am really glad I did, it has helped me so much with my planning. We also got tons of great books, and I made (and am still making) many of our items for the lapbook. You can see the start of the webpage about this lapbook here. Obviously, this is just the beginning!