In the Works ~ Human Body Lapbook

P has been begging me to do a lapbook about the body and I have put him off for awhile, but we have finally begun. I was putting him off until I could collect the right resources and plan it all out in my mind, this will indeed be our largest lapbook yet, so there will be many “in the works” posts! We had a great time today learning all about what is found inside/outside of your body, here he is working on the minibook I created for him…We also learned about skin and fingerprints. He had a blast using the book, Ed Emberley’s Fingerprint Drawing Book to make fingerprint animals…We also collected fingerprints from each member of our family so we could compare. Here’s Daddy helping P get his fingerprint…I broke down and bought the book, How Your Body Works and I am really glad I did, it has helped me so much with my planning. We also got tons of great books, and I made (and am still making) many of our items for the lapbook. You can see the start of the webpage about this lapbook here. Obviously, this is just the beginning!