Human Body ~ Lapbook

Better late than never!!! We FINALLY finished our gigantic human body lapbook!!! I honestly forgot about it until last week when I saw it in our drawer!! I knew we only had a few spaces left in it to fill with some review items but still hadn’t found what I wanted to use for fun/review. Then I found a new lapbook on Homeschool Share (such a wonderful site) and found exactly what I was looking for!!!
This is a huge lapbook, the biggest we have ever done, so this will be a long post since I like to share all of the links for what we used to make it easy for someone else who would like to do the same thing! First, here is our webpage for this lapbook, I made 2 of the templates for this lapbook, you can download those there.
I made the cover in Publisher, using a recent photo I had of him. I put Psalm 139:14 down in the corner.
This is the very back, on top are body part riddles and on the bottom, a list of some interesting facts about the body.

When you first unfold it, you see this. On the left is something cool my friend Shannon gave us, I have no idea where she got it! On the right is all of our Spanish work-learning body parts in Spanish! We used Sold on Spanish for the printouts.
Open the left side and you see this….
I made him a little flap book (on the left) all about how he has grown through the years. He wrote a bit about each stage of his life. On the right, he told me what he knew and wanted to know about the body and drew me a picture of the body. On the bottom is a printable I made. In the yellow checked pocket, are fingerprint art cards, from the book Ed Emberley’s Fingerprint Drawing Book, as well as fingerprints from all of our family members–which we used to compare and discuss. The other parts are from the curriculum book we used to base this unit on–How Your Body Works. I highly recommend this book, it was an excellent resource for us. The next section was all about senses and the neurological system. Again, the printables are from the book mentioned above. On the left are a few things cut out from here.In the middle of this section are also printable from the book. I made a pocket to hold the 3 mini books. On the left is a review of the different systems, as well as a Bible verse. On the right is the Ouch mini book I made.

Finally is the section about the skeletal system. All printables are from the book.We also added the body parts songs/poems to a side flap, as well as the body parts counting game and the labeling body parts review. A HUGE thank you to the creators of this wonderful lapbook from Homeschool Share, it is great!!

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