Giant Pandas ~ Lapbook

It’s finished! This was such a fun lapbook to do since P was SOOOO into it! He learned so much and so did I! We did a little KWL mini book and I was amazed today when he quoted many, many panda facts on his own for the final “L” page! My parents also surprised him with a stuffed panda when we went to visit them for Thanksgiving, he is in love with it so we used this for the cover of his lapbook!Here’s the inside:
Top Left: Panda True/False quiz (with answers stapled underneath)
Bottom Left: “Panda/PacMan” minibook, we compared panda facts to P, (ex: “Pandas favorite treat is apples, P’s favorite treat is watermelon.”)
Middle Top: Panda quiz, with pages we learned from underneath of it.
Middle Bottom: Panda info
Top Right: Tian Tian minibook
Middle Right: KWL minibook
Bottom Right: Panda Maze
And the back, his copy work from Draw Write Now, Book 7: Animals of the World, Forest Animals

In the Works ~ Giant Panda Lapbook

P chose to do a lapbook about giant pandas and is really enjoying learning about them! I am learning a lot too! For a few days now he has been working on his panda copywork and drawing from his Draw Write Now Book book. I LOVE these books, he does too. He doesn’t even complain about the writing anymore, he copies one sentence per day until we complete an assignment.