Kindergarten at Home ~ Letter S, Reading, Math, & More!

I am teaching young children again! Not my own children this time, but the children of a very good friend. See our original post about this adventure here. Each week I plan to share our plans, which I did for Letter S here, and I also plan to share after our week is done so you can see my students in action!

Looking for Past Weeks?

I am excited to share all about our nineteenth week together, with a focus on the LETTER S! In addition to a letter focus each week we do several other things, which I will also share with you. Since I only have my students two days a week {3 hours each day}, we cram a lot into a short time! I also provide their parents with activities to do at home.

We do a lot of our school at my dining room table, I love having early childhood activities there again!

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All About Reading Level 1

My students used All About Reading Pre-reading during the first half of the year and after using the placement test from AAR in December, I could see that they were ready to begin Level 1! One of my students is 5 and the other is almost 6, and they are academically typical for those ages. We do the same lessons together, but I expect different from each of them.


In addition to our All About Reading curriculum, we also use other resources to practice. Below you can see them using Reading Rods to practice.


Letter S Fun

We enjoyed several different activities, most from my site! I will link everything we used below! These are the plans I share with their parents {and also use myself to keep on track}:


The Letter S activities shown below are included with our Ultimate PreK/Kindergarten @ Home Membership – which is the best way to get your hands on everything we offer, see the cost savings here!

Below you can see AK and Ki doing the following activities:




Raising Lil Rock Stars Letter S

While the kids color I tell them the story and we review the items on the display board {shapes, colors, numbers}. They also do tracing at home for homework!

Letter S Toys & Puzzles

I love setting up fun letter displays and playing with the items. See more ideas here!


Letter S Books

We read tons of books featuring the Letter S! See all of our Letter S book ideas here!

You Can Read Word Family IG

We are using You Can Read Word Families in addition to our reading lessons. Word families are a great way to build confidence in reading CVC words. It also helps us review rhyming, and focus on word patterns. We are taking 2 weeks for each word family, this week we started the _ig family. These are the plans I share with their parents {and also use myself to keep on track}:


Solar System Theme

We enjoyed a really fun solar system unit, find the free printables here! These are the plans I share with their parents {and also use myself to keep on track}:


For math, I am selecting goals to focus on and using activities to work on those goals. I have been creating several activities to help with their goals, which you can download for free here on our math resources webpage. These are the plans I share with their parents {and also use myself to keep on track}:


Below you can see photos of them working on:


Solar System 3 Part Cards

We have a new addition to our Montessori Printables collection! All new Solar System Nomenclature cards featuring photographs. If you are planning a Solar System learning theme, these free printables will be a great addition.

Many of you incorporate Montessori methods into your homeschooling, as I did when my kids were younger. I hope you enjoy these new free printables!

This new Solar System nomenclature card set contains all 8 planets, plus dwarf planet Pluto, the sun, and the moon.

Unfamiliar with Nomenclature cards, also called 3-Part cards? 

Nomenclature cards are a Montessori based idea. The word Nomenclature comes from the Latin “nomenclatura” which means assigning of names to things. Nomenclature cards are also called “3 part cards” for obvious reasons! Read here on our Montessori page to learn more!


Download your FREE Solar System Nomenclature Cards here!

Download Here

Looking for more Solar System learning fun?

Solar System Kindergarten Printables


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I needed some specific activities to use with my Kindergarten students and wanted a new theme {ages 4 and 5} so I created a new Solar System Theme Kindergarten Pack! It is created using our Kindergarten Literature Unit template, so you will see similarities, however, I did not base this one off of a specific book. Choose your favorite Solar System book and use these printable activities!  Here are some of our recommended books:

Kindergarten Goals

In this free printable pack you’ll find many Kindergarten Math and Literacy Goals to focus on.

Homeschool Kindergarten Literacy Goals Homeschool Kindergarten Math Goals

Below you can see many of the activities included:

  • CVC words
  • 3-part cards
  • beginning sounds
  • basic addition
  • size comparing
  • patterns
  • sorting
  • counting
  • missing numbers
  • planet cut-outs
  • rhyming
  • ordinal numbers
  • alphabet cards
  • & more!

Some fun toys to add to your unit:

Download your free printables here!

Looking for a fabulous Kindergarten {& beyond} reading program?

Check out All About Reading!

Outer Space Theme Printables & More


I am gathering a wide collection of free printables within certain themes. In order to better organize these online, I have created theme blog posts for the themes I have created many printables for!  Links to these pages in the top navigational bar labeled “Theme Printables” so you can jump to them easily.


In this post, I will direct you to the page where the file is hosted on my website or blog, since they are in various places! I hope this helps you find things within themes! I will try to gather anything I have done, created, or posted about surrounding this theme. Slowly I am adding more blog posts like this to help you find everything for the major themes we have done and will do.

Solar System Printable Pack


Outer Space Sensory Bin


Astronomy Calendar Connections


Planets PowerPoint Show

{in Members Only PP section}


Tot School Printables ~ Ss is for Star

{Outer Space Vocabulary Development Theme}

image image

From my Friends…

Astronaut Preschool Packimage

A is for Astronautimage

Astronauts to Earth Gameimage

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Solar System Sensory & Imagination Bin

Outer Space Sensory Bin

I have been preparing for this Solar System bin for awhile now, with the generous help of my mom, who sent us a surprise box in the mail filled with items for this bin!

IMG_7434 This bin is really hard to photograph because of all of the black items!  Here’s another view when a layer was peeled off after the kids had played a bit…IMG_7492


This bin has led to many hours of imaginative play with all 3 children, here are some shots from just the first day…







A bit of info on where I got some of the stuff:

  • Astronaut Tube BIG HIT!
  • Planets in a Tube
  • Polished rocks { we got a neat bag from AC Moore for about $2} BIG HIT!
  • mini star bucket {from $1 Target aisle}
  • wooden stars, and moons
  • star erasers and buttons
  • Long furry pipe cleaners {I think from Michaels-my mom sent them}
  • Large bouncy balls {to represent planets} Ladybug’s favorite item!
  • Glow in the Dark-planets and stars {the flat kind made for walls}
  • star/moon/sun shaped cookie cutters were from this set
  • BLACK stuff:  unifix cubes, pom poms,  jewels, marbles, beads, color squares, bottle tops, straws, cups, buttons, spoons {yellow spoons too}
  • Oriental Trading has tons of awesome sensory bin items, just search by theme! We got the mini star erasers from them for sure, and a few other things!

Looking for more inspiration?  Here are some outer space bins I found while searching around online! {if I missed yours, please leave a link to it in a comment on this post}!

I will be sharing our bin in upcoming Tot School and Preschool posts as always, so you’ll be sure to see it in action more!  We play with our bin almost every morning as a whole group.

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