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I get a lot of emails from moms trying to navigate around my site when they first get here! As the amount of new readers continues to grow (I am so humbled and honored by this), I thought it might be helpful for me to write up a welcome post to help any readers trying to learn how things are organized around here and how the site can help them!

First, I have 2 sons, their current ages are on Lillpie tickers over there under their photos on the right sidebar. You can always see their current ages, whenever you may arrive and wonder if we might have kids close in age! Online I call them Pac Man (the oldest) and Krash (the youngest). We also have a baby daughter, who we call “Ladybug.” She has her own blog (which is also about health and various other topics), called Raising My Lil’ Ladybug.
Currently Pac Man is in 2nd grade and I have been writing about his homeschooling journey on this blog since Kindergarten, so you can look back and see things we have done. ALL posts featuring anything I have done with him have a label, Pac Man, whenever you click on his photo or this label, it will show you all of these posts and weed out the rest.
Krash is in what we call Tot School, I have also linked his photo to all posts about him, and he has a label, “Krash” over there in the labels section on the right sidebar too.
If you want to learn more about our faith, our family, and a bit of our homeschooling history, you can read our About Us post. If you want to know why the blog is named 1+1+1=1, you can read that here.
Here are the other main areas of my blog and website…
  • Behind the Scenes…these are in depth posts I write about common questions I get from readers, to give you a behind the scenes look at a particular area of our life and/or homeschool. If you click on the graphic on the sidebar, or the label, you can see all of these posts and find any that you might be interested in.
  • Lapbooks, Lapbooks in Progress…these are the labels given to any lapbooks we have done here. I also label each lapbook post by the theme (turtles, weather, etc.) but if you want to see all of them, you can click these and see them that way too! If youa re new to lapbooking or looking for a *how-to* post, I recommend starting here, with my Behind the Scenes post about lapbooking.
  • Tot SchoolThis is a weekly post I do to share what we are doing in Tot school. Other moms link up through Mr Linky and share their ideas also. You can visit the Tot School main page to read more about what it is, the Tot School FAQ page to dig a little deeper!
  • I also wrote an in depth post entitled “Tot School ~ Where do I Begin? you can find that here.
  • Tools for Tots…these are posts for homemade tools I make for my tot, I also provide a Mr Linky here for other moms to share their ideas. You can see all of our ideas together here on the Tools for Tots webpage.
  • Tot Books…these are mini lapbooks I make and offer free for tots. You can find all of them here on the Tot Books webpage.
  • Tot Trays…this is the Montessori inspired part of our Tot School, you can read how we do it in this post and also visit the webpage about this.
  • Totally Tots…this is another blog I lead (I write along with co-writers), all dedicated to tots!

I also occasionally write about photography ( I used to own a children’s photo business), I label all of these posts with “Photography.” One of my Behind the Scenes posts is about this too.

I hope this helps and I am honored that you are here. It is my goal through these sites to help, encourage, and connect with other moms. I do my best to answer all emails (my email is over there on the right sidebar) in a timely manner. If I do not get back to you right away, it does not mean I haven’t read it, I read all of my emails and comments. Life gets going and sometimes I am slower to reply, and at times forget altogether. If you ever ask me something and I don’t get back to you for awhile, feel free to shoot me another email! If you do ask me a question in a comment, I will always answer it in the comments section where you left it, UNLESS you have your email enabled then I can reply to you directly!!!

Again, thanks for stopping by!

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