In the Works ~ USA lapbook

We are traveling from Africa back to America and now working on a lapbook all about the United States! P is WAY into this too, I think geography is going to be one of our favorite subjects, he really seems to love learning about it. I really like our Social Studies book from Calvert and was excited to see that USA and map reading came up next. We are taking it much further than the actual book, and will be adding other things to our lapbook, stay tune for more in progress posts and the final post with photos and links of the completed project!

He is coloring his own map of the USA, doing a few states a day.
And, he adores this puzzle, he’s already done it 3-4 times in 2 days! A bit of advice, when Target has educational items in their dollar section, BUY THEM!!! I got this puzzle, some state flash cards and a USA workbook all for $3 total (1 each) about a year ago, knowing I would use it eventually! I was right, he loves it and it is a wonderful addition to our study!