Building Prayers ~ Learning to Read!

We got this great book Magnetics Make Your Own Prayers (Magnetics) for Christmas from the grandparents and of course we loved it. However, it got mixed in with other Christmas gifts and sat on the shelf until recently…now it is a favorite! We were keeping the little word/letter/picture magnets in the book, but the other day I thought to put them all up on the washer (which happens to be in our “combo” room upstairs where we are doing lots of school now). Here is P making his prayer, I have to say, I was quite impressed with what he did with no help from me. He is picking up reading skills from everywhere and sailing along, Praise God! He loves this book and I love that not only is he PRAYING, he’s also LEARNING!!!!

His final prayer said… “Dear Father, Thank you for my family. God thank you for trees and the sun. Thank God. Amen”