Tot School ~ Our Fun Week

We had a fun week with K doing Tot School. I am really loving this purposeful time with him each day and I know he certainly loves it! We began our week by pulling out our peg board. Last time we had it out he wasn’t really interested in trying it himself, but this was a different story, he played with it for a long time and had a great time.

Then, he lost interest and went in and got his fish game to play with P…

The next day we got out our Discovery Toys Busy Bugs and a few small kitchen tools. K enjoyed the kitchen stuff more than the bugs, but P enjoyed practicing his patterning skills with the bugs so it worked out perfectly. K did like stirring the bugs in the bowl :).

Then the kitchen supplies became instruments…And it was bath day so we decided to throw in a little finger painting before the bath…Stickers were a big hit for both of the boys! This was the first time K actually used them and placed them on a paper himself. I love how he purposefully chose stickers that represented things he likes right now (Cars, Nemo, animals…etc)I am so glad I caught this moment…him dumping out ALL of the Mega Blocks!I love when the boys play with any sort of blocks, it teaches so many wonderful skills. They learn so much about how to patient and kind with each other too, especially P when K destroys his tower!K built his own tall tower all on his own, I loved watching his intensity… He remained calm when it began falling, and giggled when it all crashed, I love that about him! He just built it all again!
P chose the activities this day, it was actually Blocks and Balls day, here is the ball area P set up for K!And finally, last night we had chalk time for a late in the day Tot School. Although K was much more interested in seeing if the chalkboard would work as a slide!
Then he decided to become our photographer… What did you do for Tot School this week? If you’d like to share, simply leave a link to your exact post in Mr Linky below. You don’t have to recap your entire week, you can link to any post about what you do to teach your tot. For more info on Tot School and how to link up, see our original Tot School post here. To see other Tot School posts, click here.