Tools for Tots ~ Song Notebook

Krash loves to sing, and he loves our box of instruments and finger puppets that we use with our songs. The only problem is…I don’t remember all of our songs off the top of my head and sometimes I even forget to sing at all! Lately he has been begging me to sing our version of Row, Row, Row Your Boat and this has inspired me to create a song notebook for him so he can browse through himself and choose the songs for our song time! I hope this notebook will grow and become a integral part of our Tot School time as we have so much fun when we remember to sing together!

I typed up some of our favorite songs and put them in PDF form for you to download if you’d like to use them too. I will also be adding to the list as I find time! I printed his out on colored paper and put them in sheet protectors and into a 3-ring binder.

I snapped some photos of a few of them, showing you our finished products along with the instruments we have to go with them. What a neat gift it would be to make a song notebook for a tot you know and then provide some of the instruments or puppets to go with it!

If you don’t own any instruments, be creative and make your own! You can make sock puppets too! But if you’re looking to buy some, here’s a few I really like online…
6-pc. Rhythm Kit Set
Friends From Literature Finger Puppets (Set of 10)