New Tot Books!

I completed 2 new Tot Books and have them up and ready for download on the Tot Books site! I haven’t had a chance to get photos of them yet, and who knows when I will :).

The first is Hermie and Friends. I began making this one long ago for Krash and then he sort of *got over* Hermie so I stopped. I then saw that a few people voted for it on the last poll so I went ahead and finished it!

Next is one made for one of Krash’s current loves, Tarzan II. We watch this movie A LOT right now since I am pregnant and we have all been sick lately! It is actually one of my favorite movies also! So, I made him a simple Tot Book based on the movie. I am doing things a bit differently for Krash now though, as he is not so into the Tot Books much any more. I leave the pieces separate for him and we just use them to interact together during Tot School. When he tires of them I will still put them into a Tot Book for safe keeping, but until he shows interest in having a complete Tot Book to work with, I will keep the pieces separate.

Here’s a shot of him playing with one of the parts…”What Color is Tarzan’s Hair?” He loved it and we giggled a lot!

If you make these or any other Tot Book with your tot, please send me your blog post so I can link it up on the site for other mom’s to see! I love seeing how people create them differently!