Tot School ~ Dora

~Ladybug is currently 29 months old~


We took a week off of  Tot School Printables so we could throw in a fun Dora week.  A blogging friend sent us a big ol box of fun Dora goodies that her daughter was done with and we decked out the schoolroom to go along with our Dora printables!image

Ladybug was thrilled with all of the “new” goodies and got straight to playing.  PacMan snapped these 2 adorable shots with his camera!  Ignore the scantly clad Dora doll in the background. My friend sent TONS of outfits for Dora and the girl had her clothes changed way too many times to count!  Apparently she was in between changes!

IMG_2915  IMG_2917

Coloring Dora and Boots and tracing her name…IMG_3681

She asked for the dry erase center to color this one…IMG_3708

Working hard on her Dora color book, she did a few pages per day…IMG_3728

We read the mini Dora and Boots book and she decided to color it a bit too…IMG_3731

She was very obsessed with glue this week, wanting me to cut things out so she could glue them.  So, I did.IMG_3766



Matching her color cards…IMG_3835then gluing them…IMG_3837


Dot painting D is for Dora…IMG_3840


Tot-Trays26222222   Learning-Toys_thumb2_thumb_thumb_thu[2]

She loves working her small muscles with Mr. Crunch.…IMG_3718



My mom sent the kids some pirate costumes she found at her consignment sale and they were awesome, here’s Ladybug in hers.  She also loved the pirate bath toys my mom sent!  We still have our pirate stuff out in the schoolroom even though our pirate theme is done, the kids are still loving it!IMG_3858


She did a lot more, I just didn’t have the camera out as much!


Life-School_thumb3_thumbWe do calendar each day and Ladybug LOVES it!  We are loving our Rainforest Calendar Connections this month, and I love her “aww he’s so cute” reply to most of the animals!  Here she is doing her favorite thing, running as we sing her name for the Name-O song!IMG_3779

We still enjoy Speekee, and watch several times per week.IMG_3732


On another note-no photo, but Ladybug started gymnastics this week!  We get one free sibling class along with paying for Krash, so we signed her up for the Mommy & Me class.  So I guess you could say I started gymnastics this week too! 



Just a silly princess running into her Daddy’s arms…IMG_3473

IMG_3574 IMG_3563



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Please put your tot’s age (in months) after it, like this: 1+1+1=1 (41 mos)

Feelings Tot-Book

I am so glad to be starting Krash’s new school year off with a unit on FEELINGS! Of course he had to have a snazzy new Tot Book to work with so I got to creating. I got going and decided he was ready to try a full sized folder this time, plus I had a few ideas in mind that would need more space than the 1/2 sized folder. Here’s how we are laying ours out…

The cover…The Middle…Here you can see what I made, I will tell you a bit about each one…

  • Top Left: I printed these cards on cardstock and did not laminate. I am going to have K color the feelings faces. After he is done I may laminate them.
  • Top Middle: These pages can either be made into a book unlaminated or you can laminate each one like I did and hook them with rings at the top of the folder. I did this so we can take them out and work with them. I made the first letter in each word bigger so we can get a little bit of Letter ID in too! Mine are printed on regular paper and laminated.
  • Top Right: Laminated mini-cards for matching.
  • Bottom Right: a mini book about feelings (printed on paper, unlaminated)
  • Bottom left/middle: The base is laminated and so are the little faces. They all have velcro dots on them for K to put the feeling faces on the boy and girl. I also made a small discussion card to give some ideas for questions to ask your tot.

The back, K’s isn’t stuck down yet, I will have him choose a feeling to draw when we are all done and put this on the back.
You could easily leave some things out and make the traditional 1/2 folder Tot Book if your tot isn’t ready for a big one. Or you could always just use different components and keep them in a manilla envelop (like I do with some of our Activity Packs)

You can download all of the pieces in PDF form here
. Also on the webpage are links to many of the books we will be reading to go along with our Tot Book.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar ~ Tot Pack

My pain is your gain!!!! That’s my new motto during these last painful weeks of my pregnancy! I was laughing with my husband last night about it, thinking you all must think I have no life away from the computer–and in part, it’s true!!! I sit in front of this computer for hours a day, because the chair and my bed are the 2 most comfortable places for me to be. While I sit, I create. It takes my mind off of the pain and allows me to be productive. You have about 6 more weeks of this coming from me, and then I hope to take a LARGE computer break and enjoy my 3 children!!!!

Here’s my latest creation, which is for YOU, as Krash is not ready for this yet (he’s 34 mos right now)-I am saving it for when he is a bit older. I LOVE this book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and want to wait to really get into it when he will be more interested. The mini-books, Counting Butterflies…
and ABCs with food…Size sequencing with caterpillars…and butterflies…A fold-out with shapes… A pocket with color matching (an image, a color and color word). Use all 3 or just the ones you want your tot to work on at the time. For most tots the color word will be too much, but I added it in for those of you with older tots or preschoolers using these. **these are a bit tight fitting all into the pocket when printed on cardstock, you may want to trim the squares a bit smaller if you plan to store them all together.

Another ABC set, featuring colored letters this time and caterpillars on the upper case and butterflies on the lower case. Again, I left mine in strips to start with, I will cut them apart after he masters matching the strips.

A New Twist on the Tot Book

As most of you know, we have a lot of Tot Books available for download and I still love making them. Unfortunately, my tot does not LOVE them as much as I do! Since I need to practice what I preach-not forcing him and following his lead-I needed to adjust a bit!

The next Tot Book with the highest number of votes was by far Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed, and thankfully Krash loves that story too! As I lay in bed hurting (from my pregnancy) I rolled ideas around in my mind of how to change things a bit to meet his needs at this stage.

I then thought of my Activity Pack I had made for the boys a couple of weeks ago and realized I could do the same thing with the Tot Book items. Instead of just making the few things that fit in the Tot Book, I could make an assortment and keep them all in the clasp envelope while we work with them.
I also thought of YOU and how this might be better for anyone else using them as we all desire to expose different skills to our particular tots. With more of a variety to choose from, I hope you will be able to adjust your Tot Book (or Activity Pack) accordingly to suit your tot.

So, here is our first Tot Book/Activity Pack…

Of course we have a few mini-books, the first one is about colors…And the other about counting/numbers 1-10…My tot loves the pockets with cards so I created a few of these for this set. The first is a simple story retelling pocket. You can see I added a photo of myself to be the “Momma” for him!The next is a Monkey Parts pocket, focusing on identifying body parts. I included a photo of Krash in this on also, so he can point to his parts and the monkey’s parts using the cards (except the tail, hopefully).I made a Monkey ABC set, including both lower and upper case letters. Krash knows all of his upper case and we re working on lowercase right now. I left his letters cut in strips like you see, as the 26 individual cards are just too much for him right now. I plan to help him sing the ABCs and lay them in correct order, and also match up the upper/lower case strips to each other. As he advances, I will cut them apart.Finally, I made a size sequencing set…

I plan to collect all of our stuffed monkeys, plastic monkeys, etc. and place a monkey on one of his trays with one of the new components. It will be tray work for him-which he likes, with a new little surprise each day! When he tires of the pieces, I still plan to put them into a Tot Book (might need to be bigger) for safe keeping, but until then, I plan to just keep them in an Activity Pack envelope, letting him go back to the pieces when he wants to.

You can find all of the PDFs for these here, on the Tot Book site. I hope you enjoy it and as always, let me know if you use any of these so I can link up your blog to the page!

New Tot Books!

I completed 2 new Tot Books and have them up and ready for download on the Tot Books site! I haven’t had a chance to get photos of them yet, and who knows when I will :).

The first is Hermie and Friends. I began making this one long ago for Krash and then he sort of *got over* Hermie so I stopped. I then saw that a few people voted for it on the last poll so I went ahead and finished it!

Next is one made for one of Krash’s current loves, Tarzan II. We watch this movie A LOT right now since I am pregnant and we have all been sick lately! It is actually one of my favorite movies also! So, I made him a simple Tot Book based on the movie. I am doing things a bit differently for Krash now though, as he is not so into the Tot Books much any more. I leave the pieces separate for him and we just use them to interact together during Tot School. When he tires of them I will still put them into a Tot Book for safe keeping, but until he shows interest in having a complete Tot Book to work with, I will keep the pieces separate.

Here’s a shot of him playing with one of the parts…”What Color is Tarzan’s Hair?” He loved it and we giggled a lot!

If you make these or any other Tot Book with your tot, please send me your blog post so I can link it up on the site for other mom’s to see! I love seeing how people create them differently!