Raising Rock Stars ~ Easter

We surprised the kids with a fun night of dying our Easter eggs!  Before we started we read the book, The Best Thing About Easter and discussed the truth presented in this book.  That things we do, like dying eggs, are OK, but we must never think that they are the BEST part about Easter. JESUS is the best part of Easter!

We had a great time together, and as usual Krash had us all giggling the entire time.  That boy is a nut.IMG_3530 copy

IMG_3547 copy IMG_3522 copy


We even helped Ladybug tie-dye an egg 😉  She wasn’t too impressed.IMG_3525

I will be posting Raising Rock Stars sporadically throughout the month of April, as we will be taking a family vacation in the middle of the month!


Resources used this week:

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