Tot School

~Ladybug is currently 13.5 months old~

Tot Trays

Again, Ladybug had 3 trays out for her. This week I had: stacking cups, 5 plastic lacing shapes and a string, mini fish erasers and a clear empty bottle.IMG_8478

I didn’t used to allow Krash to play with his Tot School tools outside of official Tot School time, but I am adjusting for Ladybug. It seems to work better to just allow her access most of the day. She loves going into the schoolroom when it is open and playing with her tools. IMG_8485

I don’t leave the small items out though, we play with those things during official Tot School time. Here she is putting tiny fish erasers into an empty plastic bottle. She had the most fun learning how to get them out. I added the flip top to the bottle the next day to bring in more of a challenge for her.IMG_8378

No, Ladybug is not a genius, her genius big brother laced all of her shapes for her before I could step in and stop him. But, ti all worked out OK…IMG_8405

Funny thing about her new trays, look who likes them just as much as she does {and yes she is playing with K’s puzzle he had just completed with me!}.IMG_8397

Learning Toys We got out K’s old Mickey Mouse riding toy and she was so proud of herself when I put her on it!!!IMG_8468

We had puppets out and Krash was showing her the glove {hand-made…NO clue where we got it}, she loved it!IMG_8455

She loves the magnet set we have on the dishwasher right now…IMG_8475

She also loves to dig around other parts of the schoolroom on her own…IMG_8523 IMG_8529

Krash had cutting food, and again she thought his star boxes were for her too 😉 IMG_8532

Magneatos were extremely interesting also. IMG_8550

She spent a bit of time watching Praise Baby, she loves these DVDs, so do I!IMG_8423

Of course, LOTS of reading!!!!IMG_8428

Techy Tot

She continues to love the iPod, Hide and Seek is still a favorite, IMG_8587 as well as Tickle Tap-Sound Shaker {see review and iTunes giveaway here}IMG_8491

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Moms Favorite

This girl LOVES her Daddy 😉IMG_8566 IMG_8562

This Weeks Tools

I get asked often about her necklace, it is here from our wonderful sponsor, Hazelaid! We love it!

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