Preschool Printables ~ How Many?

Identifying numbers is something we are really working on here!  I made these simple preschool math printables for Krash to help with this.

Preschool Math Printables Clothespin Clip Counting Cards

I printed on cardstock, and laminated them so he can use them over an over!  We are using mini clothespins but you could also have your child use a dry erase marked to circle the correct number, or just point! The clothespins, while sometimes frustrating for young children, are great for fine motor skills! Have your child count the objects and then choose the correct number. I purposely did not create these with a specific theme so they could be used over and over again.  If you are looking for preschool printables with a specific theme, we have those too!

Preschool Math Printables Clothespin Clip Counting Cards

You can download these here!

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