Tot School

~Ladybug is currently 15.5 months old~

We had a more laid back week since we took the week off of preschool.  I sent most of my time planning Pac’s 3rd grade but managed to squeeze in some Tot School time with my little bug too!

Tot TraysLadybug’s 3 Tot Trays this week were…

  • Pom Poms and a can with an opening cut in the top {to stuff the pom poms into}
  • Empty parmesan cheese container and colored zip ties
  • An egg carton, small pitcher, and beads {she barely touched this, other than to put the beads into something else. I think the egg carton freaked her out a bit!}

Her favorite activity was by far the can and the pom poms.  She played with these SO much!



She also really liked putting the skinny zip ties { I got the colored ones at the Dollar Tree} into the container. {you can see she also added pom poms to the container!!!}

Watching her get things out was the best part of this activity!!!



 Here’s a shot of her playing with her trays and toys while I was trying to get some 3rd grade planning done!  She was in “take it all out” mode ;-).


Learning ToysIn addition to Ladybug’s 3 trays right now, I am keeping some toys on the floor in the schoolroom for her to play with.  I am also changing these out weekly.  She LOVES our Gears toy and played with it everyday!!!IMG_4012-2

Our bristle blocks sit on a shelf {they are always visible}, she can now reach them and get them down herself!  She does this almost everyday now!IMG_4162

We play in our living room a lot too ;-).  She loves digging in her walker toy {it hold blocks} and finding the ones that make noise!  Here shaking one that she found!!IMG_4039-2

This is one of our toy corners, where K and L’s toy baskets are {the ones filled with random little toys}.  She loves to sit in this corner and take everything out.IMG_4150

Our felt food is still in rotation because it is still being enjoyed by all!  I showed L-bug how to stir the food…IMG_4155

I often bring out one toy into the living room for all of us to play with.  One day last week it was our Zoobs.  The 3 kids all played near each other, but mostly each doing their own thing.  L-bug’s thing is to put the Zoobs into something.  Her blender was near, so it got filled up!


I also went and got her little can and showed her how to stick the Zoobs in the hole…IMG_4258

The living room is also where we watch DVDs.  These two were watching a little Praise Baby together ;-).IMG_4062-2

I was working in Daddy’s office one day and she was with me.  I grabbed a puzzle and put it on the bench for her, she loved this!!!!!IMG_4166


Life School

She’s learning to dance 😉 with Daddy…IMG_4001


A little spin on the dolly {in the new schoolroom that is under major renovation right now}IMG_4171



Moms Favorite

Seriously, this girls LOVES her books.IMG_4052


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