Something Special ~ Baby Food Jar Pumpkins Craft

Baby Food Jar Pumpkins

Again,  I browsed around online for pumpkin craft inspiration and came across this post from Stacie. We didn’t have small bottles but we did have baby food jars, so I modified the craft a bit! Here’s our baby food jar pumpkins!

Pumpkin Craft (5 of 5)

It was a very simple craft to make, with little mess for momma to deal with.

~ First, have your kids rip up orange construction paper, crumple it up and stuff into the jars.  This is a great fine motor activity for little ones!

Pumpkin Craft (3 of 5)Pumpkin Craft (1 of 5)Pumpkin Craft (2 of 5)

Ladybug was EXTREMELY into the stuffing part!  She loved this!  It kept her busy the entire time while I did the other things with the boys!Pumpkin Craft (4 of 5)

I was engaged with the kids for the rest of the steps, so no photos, but here’s what we did…

~cut jack-o-lantern faces out of black construction paper

~use a green Sharpie to color the jar lids

~twist a green pipe cleaner into a stem {Pac did his own, I did K and L’s}

~use a hot glue gun for it all!

They are now adorable little keepsakes and will certainly be brought out as decorations for years to come!

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