Tell Your Time..


While at Relevant, I was honored to hear Crystal {Money Saving Mom} speak a lot about Amy {who I didn’t personally meet but have been a fan of for awhile!!!} and how Amy has helped Crystal tremendously with time management. Amy has launched a new e-book Tell Your Time, today and has a serious discount going on right now! I have read the e-book and love it. It is simple, straightforward and is NOT something I have read before {and believe me, I have read it all about this topic}!

I wanted to share this resource with you, especially while Amy is offering it at such a low price. Also – Crystal will be blogging about it {she began today}, so you’ll get a real-life testimony for the system. If time management is an issue for you, head on over to snag your copy of Tell Your Time!

{ps-yes I am now an affiliate ;-), thanks Amy for offering this great opportunity to help you promote something wonderful!}