Tot School

~Ladybug is currently 18 months old~

You’ll notice a much more simple Tot School post this week. I didn’t take as many photos! I had to “cut back” in some areas of my life in order to increase in more important ones. A lengthy and detailed Tot School post got the shaft this week!

Learning Toys

My mom made her these adorable minky dot color squares. Ladybug LOVES them!!!!IMG_9393 She likes putting them into bags and bins, IMG_9397and also laying on them like a pillow! IMG_9386There are two of each color so I have been using them for all sorts of color activities. They are also really light—perfect for tossing around indoors! You’ll be seeing a lot of these in posts to come, even the boys love them!IMG_9481

She worked on our pattern block puzzles. I gave her the simple ones and handed her the shape and then pointed to where it went. She then put it in and clapped for herself! IMG_9581

Magneatos continue to come out just about daily.IMG_9586

We have a new Guidecraft toy ~ Rainbow Blocks, floating around as we play with it for my upcoming review. This is another favorite, with all 3 kids! We are so thankful to get these awesome toys each month!!!IMG_9642

Life SchoolLook who is actually walking…FINALLY!!!!!IMG_9979 She still chooses to crawl but has taken about 7-8 steps at a time independently!

Moms Favorite

While outside swinging one day, Pac Man gave her a mini cattail thing, she LOVED it! I loved her sweet smiles!!!


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