Tot School ~ 21 Months Old

~Ladybug is currently 21.5 months old~



Ladybug is quite the little block builder and is really enjoying our foam blocks.



The boys love when I let them play along with her!IMG_5677

On another day, rolling in the blocks was her activity of choice.IMG_5762


She amazes me with this shape sorter.  We have had this thing since Pac was  a baby and it has no brand name on it.  All 3 of my kids have loved it, I wish I knew if it was still around! EDITED TO ADD-a kind reader in the comments below shared the name and found it on Amazon here!!!  It is a really tough sorter because 3 shapes are on one side and 3 on the other.  Ladybug has figured out this concept way earlier than either of my boys did!  In this photo she is looking at Daddy and saying “noooo” as she jokingly puts the red shape into the purple hole.IMG_5712She then flips the thing over {something I never really taught her but she figured out} and finds where the red one goes IMG_5713…and puts it in with ease.  My girl may have been a slow walker, but she’s got this spatial reasoning thing figured out!  ha ha!IMG_5716


She loves our Noah’s Ark shape sorter, mostly lining the animals up on the top like this…IMG_5776


These awesome tiny toys were given to us by a former teacher and she LOVES them.  We keep them in the pencil containers and she loves to just dump them all out onto her lap as illustrated below!IMG_5815


Ladybug really loved the square version of this toy too!IMG_5732

This puzzle is too easy for her now, I let her explore it one more time before passing it down to a friend who has a baby 9 months younger than Ladybug.




tub of funLadybug enjoyed the winter sensory bin a bit more before I switched it over to our Valentine’s Day Sensory Bin in the middle of the week.  She really grew to love the tinsel which was surprising since she hated it the first time she touched it!



The Valentine’s Day Bin was a hit the 2nd day too, she especially enjoyed the addition of the parmesan cheese container to put the sticks into.IMG_6080

The heart shaped ice cube tray was a hit too.  She practiced spooning jewels into the hearts.

IMG_6092  IMG_6094

I caught her lining up jewels and “counting” them on her own!IMG_6087




Ladybug has gotten to the point now where she likes to join in with some of K’s school lessons.  She sat with him while he watched the PowerPoint show for his RRSP lesson.IMG_6048

I am trying to be better about including her in things he does, now that she understands a bit more, it is much easier, although still a challenge to manage them both!  Krash was working on his Play Doh letter P for his RRSP unit and I sat Ladybug at a table near him and just let her play…IMG_5800She was mostly interested in “drinking” the PlayDoh…IMG_5798and putting K’s crayons into the container!IMG_5808


Once again reading with her brother.  She has a new favorite book now, another odd choice, “How Are You Peeling?”  Funny how the reading almost always occurs in or near one of our bean bag chairs !    IMG_5688


Another new favorite of hers is when her brother lets her use his DSi to “draw” using the drawing feature it has.IMG_6027


Sometimes the best school isn’t planned by Mommy.  She dug out this puzzle {from the $ store} and asked me to put it together for her.  Then she proceeded to roll her ball down the “slide”.”IMG_6098


I was working one night while the boys were gone and she was playing near me…I looked over to see this…IMG_6122She had dumped out the crayon box and was practicing her spatial skills all on her own, using the Wii tennis racquet!IMG_6127


Moms Favorite

A little morning cuddling with Daddy before he gets ready for work, watching her new favorite show-Bubble Guppies