Tot School

~Ladybug is currently 21 months old~

I am not in any official Tot School toy rotation right now, but I am changing out her rotated toys each week in an unofficial sort of way.  I got out this fish bowl toy she has and we had lots of fun counting to 3 with it.  Over and over and over again.



The winter sensory bin is a big hit and she finally loves the tinsel!


She also practiced her pouring skills when I added a pitcher to the mix.  We used the little light bulbs to pour into her penguin bucket.  She loves pouring.

IMG_5078  IMG_5080  IMG_5081


We had some fun counting and putting foam snowflakes into a bucket.  IMG_5100


One of her VERY favorite toys kept her occupied for large amounts of time this week, her gears toy.IMG_5145


Her favorite activity seemed to be putting the play doh containers into their holder.  She saw them laying out one day and just started putting them back for me.

IMG_5152Then she would get frustrated when they were all in and she couldn’t pull them out again {they are really tight}.  I took them out, she put them back in—over and over and over again!IMG_5233


We got a new Guidecraft toy as a part of our Guidecraft Moms program and I opened it right up and let the kids explore.  Ladybug LOVED the farm animals!!!  She is making the sheep say BAA…IMG_5156

The boys made a corral for the animals with our rainbow blocks and Ladybug was feeding the cow…IMG_5198


She played a LOT with the learning links, but mostly spent her time walking through them once she was finished scattering them throughout the entire schoolroom.

IMG_5223  IMG_5222 


This shot lets you know she has older brothers.  Pac built a car with our Construct-its, and she’s helping Phineas drive the car.



Many hours were spent like this, oh how I love my little reader!IMG_5122



Moms Favorite

Bed head at its finest… IMG_5367





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