Tot School ~ 23 Months…Letter Bb

~Ladybug is currently 23 months old~

We had a GREAT week!!!  I am so glad God gave me the idea of the units, she is really loving them!  I have gotten lots of great feedback from many of you also!  I hope our tots continue to enjoy what I create!


Tot School Printables

Tot School Printables B is for Ball

Letter: Bb

Object: Balls

Vocabulary Development Theme: Outdoor Fun

You can find the printables for this unit here on the Tot School Printables webpage.

To prepare for this week, I had the boys help me fill a laundry basket with every {indoor} ball we had in our home!  Ladybug LOVED this basket all week long and played many, MANY times with the balls {so did the boys}.


Her favorite was to sit in the basket with the balls!

IMG_9314  IMG_9320


Again, she loved her printables and her “cool” {school} time, dot painting being a favorite…IMG_9326

Her table high chair is just perfect, I am so glad I ordered it on a whim!!!IMG_9335


She tried her best at the lacing, which was more than she did last week!  She did enjoy watching me do it!IMG_9352

I held the color cards for her as she scribbled a bit…IMG_9354

She really just wanted Krash to color them for her though!IMG_9359



I took the photos for the ball sequencing photos so she really loved that we had the actual ball in the photos!IMG_9421


She did NOT like the stamping this week!IMG_9538



She asked for purple, and spent a VERY long time coloring the Bb objects!!!IMG_9609

I added tiny magnets to our 3 part puzzles and gathered letters from our wooden set, and our Leapfrog set and added them to the dishwasher.  I will continue to add each week!  She LOVED this!IMG_9500

Letter Bb printables here!

Tot School Printables Toys and Books Letter B

Learning Toys

I put her toys in baskets this week, just for a change, she didn’t really seem to care though.  Here she is matching shapesIMG_9372

She loved the alphabet Ladybug puzzlesIMG_9478

Here she was dancing and yelling along to our Laurie Berkner DVDIMG_9377

I made the kids a haphazard squishy letter writing baggie, using things we had that we don’t eat or were expired…deciding on syrup and cornstarch!  The boys had fun digging through the cabinets with me!  It worked well, but the letters disappeared quickly!  Ladybug loved squishing it around!

IMG_9597  IMG_9599


A little easel drawing!  She told me this was a star!IMG_9621


After she finishes her Tot School printables time, I have been letting her watch aBaby Signing Time DVD while I work with Krash, which she LOVES!IMG_9525



Techy Tot

She is in LOVE with the Starfall App on my iPod!!!  I can’t believe how good she is with it!



Life School

A little chillin’ with the big brother while he lays his DSi while lounging in our giant bean bag chairIMG_9520She is still an avid reader!IMG_9474

Moms Favorite

Our church had a college football mission team here serving and they hosted a football camp for the neighborhood kids.  Ladybug REALLY enjoyed her time on the sidelines with Daddy!

IMG_1186  IMG_1196

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