Tot School ~ Letter Cc

~Ladybug is currently 23.5 months old~


Tot School Printables C is for Cat

Letter: Cc

Object: Cats

Vocabulary Development Theme: Pets

You can find the printables for this unit here on the Tot School Printables webpage.

To prepare for this week, I had the boys go on a cat hunt to find all of our toy and stuffed cats!  Ladybug was excited when they arrived! IMG_0537

I also pulled out our letter C from our foam floor puzzle, which she proceeded to “walk” the cat on…IMG_0530

I also pulled all of our books featuring cats, which she has LOVED {since she loves cats}IMG_0526

This week I gave her the letters at the table before we put them on the dishwasher with the A & B.  She LOVES the Leapfrog set, and plays the song again and again!  The letter C necklace was all her idea.

IMG_0560  IMG_0572

Again, she loved her printables and her “cool” {school} time, dot painting being a favorite, such a favorite she dot painted her cat many times…

IMG_0558   IMG_0615IMG_0708    IMG_0766

Her table high chair is just perfect, she asks to get into it and do “cool” many times throughout the day.  In fact, on our day off-she did more “cool” than she does on a normal school day!  In one sitting she did all of this…I had to keep printing and printing!  She got a good review this day!



She colored her cats this week for the first time!  Krash and I helped her some, but she actually colored about 3 of them on her own!!!IMG_0768


She tried her best at the lacing again, but got frustrated quickly.IMG_0645


Finding and coloring the cats on the letter Cc…IMG_0544


She amazed me with this, dot painting the actual letters like this completely on her own!!!  All the while saying “c” and then the sound.  The girls loves her letters!IMG_0629


Matching the cat cards ~ she did much better with this concept this week!IMG_0648

She liked the size sequencing cats, but they didn’t keep her attention for very long.IMG_0652


She did NOT like the stamping again this week, so Krash did it for her!IMG_0661

She loved dot painting the C objects!!!IMG_0642

This week I noticed she wasn’t interested in her vocabulary cards on 1 sheet so I cut them apart and laminated them.  Voila ~ she loved them!  I also got out as many mini pets as I could find to do some matching. IMG_0724 We used our Education Cube {although the small cards slid all around} to roll and find, but she preferred to just look at them all and talk about them together!IMG_0727

This week she did not enjoy the numbers & shapes ~ so we just glanced at them and then moved on!

 Letter Cc printables here!Tot School Printables Toys and Books Letter C


Working on her favorite pet sounds puzzleIMG_0681

She still loves our gears toyIMG_0685

PacMan got out our ABC mat to work on letters with her.  They focused on ABC and she loved it!IMG_0735

Then she asked to be buried in beanbags!!!

IMG_0738  IMG_0747



She still asks for our Counting 1-10 show a LOT.  Here she is telling me that her “cack” {cat} wants to watch the “cool show” {school show}.  So, we did.  We watched the Counting 1-10, the letter Aa PowerPoint from our Tot School Printables Aa unit, and the new Colors show!

IMG_0665  IMG_0669

side note ~ since I haven’t decided if I will create all 26 PowerPoint shows for the Tot School Printables units, I have decided to add the ones I do make to the current Members Only section!  I added Bb but haven’t finished Cc yet.  We are using them for review!



She loves to sit at Pac Man’s desk and sort his art supplies.  Thankfully he thinks it is cute and doesn’t mind.IMG_0706

Moms Favorite

This purple dress just makes me smile 😉 and she LOVES it!!!

IMG_0864  IMG_0865