Tot School ~ Letter Dd

~Ladybug is currently 24 months old~



Tot School Printables D is for Duck

Letter: Dd

Object: Ducks

Vocabulary Development Theme: Birds

You can find the printables for this unit here on the Tot School Printables webpage.

I gathered birds in advance, but Ladybug wasn’t as impressed as I was.  She enjoyed some of the birds, the flamingo in particular.  But she doesn’t seem to be a birds type of gal. IMG_1290We did match up our cards anyway, but she wasn’t impressed with that either.IMG_1282

She did like putting the birds night-night in the bean bag though.  Hey, whatever floats your boat!IMG_1284

I accidentally printed an extra set of bird cards and let her find them with dot paint, which she did like!IMG_2137

We used our Leapfrog letters again…IMG_1021

She did a lot of dot painting again, but not nearly as much as last week!IMG_1017


She colored a few of her ducks this week, with me coloring most of themIMG_1255


She tried her best at the lacing again, but, got frustrated quickly.  She did last a bit longer and really tried to get it through the hole herself!  She did NOT want help!!!IMG_1277


She finally did some stamping on her own this week!IMG_2130

She loved dot painting the Dd objects!!!IMG_1153

We added in some Dd printables from other sources this week, mostly because she enjoys dot painting so much!

We used some of Spell Outloud’s Dd is for Ducks printables

IMG_1165  IMG_1013

She also did the Dd from Confessions of a HomeschoolerIMG_1266

 This week she did not enjoy several of our items {shapes, numbers, shadow matching, sequencing} which is fine~ so we just glanced at them and then moved on! Next week I plan to try something a bit different to see if I can peak her interest in some of the activities!  I don’t expect her to love everything each week though.

I finally got her bulletin board strips up so I can display her work, which she really liked!  Here is most of her work from this past week…IMG_2161

Letter Dd printables here!

 Tot School Printables Toys and Books Letter D


She loves our Bee Hive game, great fine motor skill practice with the leaves!  The boys LOVE this game even more than she does!IMG_0933

We put together our ABC floor puzzle and found some letters together!IMG_1052

A very favorite of hers still, our foam blocksIMG_1243

She enjoyed some Play Doh time while Krash worked on his school…IMG_1042

She got this set of Disney Babies books {consignment} and fell immediately in LOVE with them!IMG_1337





This week she watched many PowerPoints again!  However she did not choose the Counting 1-10 show!  Her favorite was definitely the Colors show, and she also really enjoyed the letter Dd PowerPoint from our Tot School Printables Dd unit.

IMG_1025 IMG_1023

We also used many times, focusing in on the letters we have done so far {A-D}.

IMG_1035 IMG_1030

side note ~ since I haven’t decided if I will create all 26 PowerPoint shows for the Tot School Printables units, I have decided to add the ones I do make to the current Members Only section!

Do you ever wonder what I do with her when I need to work with Krash and she isn’t cooperating?  Here’s a peek…IMG_2139




Ladybug turned 2 this past week!!!! We had SOOOO much fun celebrating her life together, her brothers were more excited than she was!!!  Here is a tiny glimpse into her fun {just our family for the “party”}IMG_1374

My mom made her dress, bib, and party hat!

IMG_1395  IMG_1416

She got a baby set {purchased at Costco awhile back} and LOVED it!!!!

IMG_1429  IMG_1473

She also got a wooden cake,IMG_1508

Froggy Boots in her size!!!

IMG_1516  IMG_1521

Also some Farm Puzzle BlocksIMG_1534

We spent the evening outside enjoying the spring weather, she was simply precious!!!IMG_1637 IMG_1859

The next day we took her to our children’s museum, her favorite places being the shopping and the duck pond…

IMG_2108  IMG_2009

Moms Favorite

She found her brother’s old Cars jammies and insisted on wearing them, all the while looking at her shirt like this and showing us the cars!IMG_1299