Tot School ~ Letter Ff

~Ladybug is currently 24.5 months old~



Tot School Printables F is for Foot

Letter: Ff

Object: Foot

Vocabulary Development Theme: Body Parts

You can find the printables for this unit here on the Tot School Printables webpage.

Best thing we did all week…

IMG_2958 IMG_2961

We used our vocabulary cards, a  baby doll, and each other to work with Ladybug on labeling body parts!IMG_2963



She also had fun putting the cards into an empty tissue box as we were naming them…IMG_3124


We used our homemade play dough to make letters again, she liked this a lot!IMG_2981


My shock of the week, the girl actually attempted to write the letter F on her sheet!  Did a pretty good job too!IMG_2917


We worked on lacing together, she helped me do it…IMG_3102


She actually did the shadow matching this week!!IMG_2932


She did a lot of dot painting again,

IMG_2972  IMG_2976



We colored the feet together and she really enjoyed playing with them and lining the, up this week!  I personally do not like feet much, she is thrilled with the feet however.IMG_2924

We worked with our review flashcards  {you can download the first set here}, this week matching them up to our foam letters!IMG_3016

Letter Ff printables here!Tot School Printables Toys and Books Letter F


We enjoy our play dough a lot now that it is SO much better {homemade}.  I made a snake for Ladybug, and she poked holes in it!IMG_2984

Then we got out our little dough stampers from our Grasshopper Preschool Prep Kit and had a blast.  Ladybug enjoyed the top of the dot paint marker making circles also!IMG_2992

Even Krash joined us for a while when he saw what we were doing!IMG_2996

These came out a few times this week!IMG_3115

Our jewels are a popular item in our home.  The most recent fun has been using the jewels along with our tea setsIMG_2999

She LOVES our ABC mat, and asks for it often.  She is beginning to match up the bean bag {ours are homemade, here is a set on Amazon} letters and enjoys it!IMG_3024

She loves playing with Boggle JrIMG_3085

Working on her Animal Puzzle book…IMG_3129

I LOVE giant balls from Target.  She picked out a purple one and we have had so much fun with it.

IMG_3087 IMG_3090 IMG_3091




Ladybug is now an almost daily participant in our Calendar time.  She is an absolute riot.  Her favorite part is singing our names and running the length of the schoolroom when her name is called.  Look how giddy she is…IMG_2949

She can also “read” each of our names and hand out the cards appropriately when I call them.  She is our official card hander-outer.IMG_2952

Tons of reading as usual, of course in the bean bag!IMG_3153

Moms Favorite

IMG_2848  IMG_2853