Coming Soon ~ Montessori Minute

Montessori Minute

I have had something in the works behind the scenes for awhile now and I am thrilled to finally share the news with you! A few months ago I got an email from John Bowman asking me to review his book. I get emails like this quite often and honestly, I don’t review many books simply for lack of time. However, my heart is based in Montessori and I was excited to review this particular book!

Soon after beginning to read the book ~ Help Your Preschooler Build a Better Brain, I was in love! The book is exactly what I had been looking for when I began homeschooling PacMan. I emailed John to thank him and this began a series of emails that has brought us to where we are today!

Mr. Bowman has graciously partnered with me to write extensive guest posts once per month on all things Montessori! These are not your normal blog posts-but more like articles or even chapters from a book. They are posts filled with resources and ideas for you to come back to anytime. The first post is scheduled to post next week and it is filled with ideas and information!

Here is a bit about John…


John Bowman is the author of Help Your Preschooler Build a Better Brain