RRSK ~ Early Access

RRSK ButtonI recently launched Raising Rocks Stars Kindergarten and will be releasing the printable units for FREE as Krash completes them.  Obviously this will take at least 26 weeks, probably longer!  I am working behind the scenes to get the RRSK Download Bundle ready but have had several of you ask me if I could open up a paid early access area, and the answer is YES!  It will work the same way You Can Read Ad-Free/Bonus section works {see details about all of my paid sections here}.  I am adding files as I get them completed and in the end the download bundle will be hosted on this page at no extra cost to anyone who pays now. 

This is what the RRSK Early Access page looks like now…


Clean, simple, easy to find the unit you need and see what’s new.  When all 26 units are complete I will add the download bundle link at the top for the entire RRSK program.  When that happens, the name will no longer be RRSK Early Access, it will simply be RRSK Download Bundle.  Make sense? 

If you’d rather wait and get the files for free, please do that!  They will all be free in the end.  The Download Bundle Package will be the paid option-for those who want the convenience of downloading the 26 units at one time.  I am only offering this Early Access option for those of you who emailed, commented and asked me to offer this so you could have access to the sets as I create them.  Many of you have also emailed to say that you want to support my work and pay for it, and for this I am completely humbled and honored-thank you for your kind words and support!

Currently I have Aa-Jj available and am trying to get ahead as fast as I can!

You can purchase RRSK Early Access for $8.00 here!

~You will be instantly redirected to the instructions of how to access the private webpage.  You will also receive an email with the link in case you miss the redirect.

Confused about the items I sell online?  Please read this post before buying anything!  I am sorry for anything that is confusing, just email me if you have questions after reading that post!