Tot Time Notebook


If you saw my Calendar Notebook post, you know that I had created a bit of a dilemma by not making a notebook for 2 year old Ladybug.  Obviously she did not need a specific calendar notebook, so I had to think of something that would be neat for her that she could use daily to feel included.

Enter the Tot Time Notebook!


So far, I have created 26 Alphabet sheets for her, each with 2 tracing options for the letters and 2-4 images to be colored.  I also included the names of the items.

Slide2 Slide3 Slide4

To say I hit the jackpot with my creation would be a total understatement.  She seriously loves this thing.


Almost every day, usually many times per day she works in her notebook at her request.IMG_6871

Each page is just printed on paper and slid into heavy weight sheet protector {I only use the heavyweight ones if I want it to erase easily}.  She uses thin Expo markers and Expo click markers.  These wipe off very easily with an eraser.  She also has dry erase crayons and sometimes uses these-I have to wipe these off with a bit more muscle.  If your little one can’t handle not drawing on everything else with a dry erase marker-I would recommend using the dry erase crayons!


I have created the entire Alphabet set and you can download it for free here if you’d like to use it too.

I plan to create some number pages for her as well as a page with her personal information on it.  For now-just her name, progressing to include address, phone number, birthday, etc.  I have a few more ideas too, but for now she is perfectly content with her ABC pages!  I will share any sets I add for you to use too!

Remember, this notebook can be as versatile as you can think of – you can make your own with any printables inserted into sheet protectors.  You can take it with you and also use it at home!  Although it is named the Tot Time Notebook-I am sure it is easy to see that it can be used for older children as well!

Download the Tot Time ABC Notebook and more here!