Rainbow Theme Tot School

Rainbow Theme Tot School

~Ladybug is currently 35 months old~

Here is her desk set up for Rainbow Week


Her book basket has mostly COLOR books, a few rainbow books too.  I picked colorful toys for her trays this week, she really liked all of the color!IMG_2743

On Monday morning she sat right down and got busy, she loved the set up!  I put the many printables I had for her in her notebook.  She flips through and chooses what she wants.IMG_2753

She chose Dot Fun first and asked to use stickers!IMG_2761

She loved the little rainbow I made for her with pipe cleaners and foam, she spent lots of time exploring it and we took it apart together and reassembled it together too!IMG_2766

Later in the week I got the idea to use the above rainbow along with our Somewhere Over the Rainbow props!  We stuck the other props in the styrofoam too and Ladybug chose the correct prop as we sang the song and got to certain parts!IMG_3192

IMG_3197  IMG_3205

I Love Colors was her favorite book from the collection, she read it alone many times and of course we read it together tons too!IMG_2768

Once I saw how much she loved this book, I made a doggie for her to color like the dog in the book.  BIG hit, she loved this!  I was absolutely amazed with the end result, I didn’t help her one bit, she chose where to put the colors all on her own and he looks so similar to the dog in the book!  This printable has been added to the Rainbow Tot Pack.

IMG_3117  IMG_3129

Lots of painting for Rainbow Week!  here she was painting free style on the blank rainbow printable from the Rainbow Tot Pack.  She is using Porcupine ring painters.IMG_2781


She wanted to make rainbow lines on this one so I helped her just by showing her the order and where to paint, but she managed the rest on her own!IMG_2787


I absolutely love the end result!IMG_2797

We marble painted rainbows, which she loved!  It is such a wonderful way to build so many skills while also coming out with a beautiful piece of art in the end!IMG_3094


Hers is on the top, IMG_3115

after they dried I cut out the rainbow shape.IMG_3247

We made cotton cloud rainbows too.  I precut all of the strips and she chose the order and did the gluing completely on her own!  I helped her put the cotton on, she didn’t like the glue on her fingers after the first few she tried!IMG_2811


Rainbow play doh wasn’t nearly as fun as I thought it would be.  Well, it was for me, but she didn’t like it as much as I did.  IMG_3170

We made the rainbow together and the letters, but mostly she wanted to make snowmen!IMG_3173

We made a simple rainbow paper chain and this was a huge success!

IMG_3179 IMG_3184

The cutting activit from the Rainbow Tot Pack was hard for her, but we did it!IMG_3189

Matching rainbows was a perfect challenge, but she didn’t like it very much.IMG_3207

Most of our rainbow printables came from our Rainbow Tot PackRainbow Tot Pack Button

I also pinned the other ideas I used on my Rainbow Theme Pinterest board…image


We played with our parachute a lot, it was hard when the boys weren’t around to help hold it though!  We put our ball pit balls inside and had loads of fun together!IMG_2819


I made her a simple game, with a colored die, matching pom poms, a paint tray, and mini tongs {she chose these to use fro our tweezer/tong collection}.  She rolled the die and then put the correct pom pom in until she filled the tray!IMG_3072


Sorting mini colored cubes {from Target awhile back}, into stacking cups…IMG_2736


These shapes frustrated her for some reason, she enjoyed popping them out more than putting them in!IMG_2738

She loves the magnetic ABC fishing setIMG_3088

Water Beads again!  She LOVED watching the grow and playing with them throughout the week!

IMG_2979  IMG_2981

Life School

Life school was outside school for us!  We took advantage of every warm moment enjoyed our little inner city backyard to the fullest!  Ladybug loves throwing her big purple ball and is a riot to watch!

IMG_2940  IMG_3005

We have been watching our little purple flowers grow over the past couple of weeks and she loves admiring them each day and announces how many more there are and how beautiful they are!IMG_3053


Oh how I adore this beautiful profile!  She is just blissful when outdoors, she soaks up every moment and I love it!IMG_2873


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