Kindergarten at Home ~ Letter R, Reading, Math, & More!

I am teaching young children again! Not my own children this time, but the children of a very good friend. See our original post about this adventure here. Each week I plan to share our plans, which I did for Letter R here, and I also plan to share after our week is done so you can see my students in action!

Looking for Past Weeks?

I am excited to share all about our eighteenth week together, with a focus on the LETTER R! In addition to a letter focus each week we do several other things, which I will also share with you. Since I only have my students two days a week {3 hours each day}, we cram a lot into a short time! I also provide their parents with activities to do at home.

We do a lot of our school at my dining room table, I love having early childhood activities there again!

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All About Reading Level 1

My students used All About Reading Pre-reading during the first half of the year and after using the placement test from AAR in December, I could see that they were ready to begin Level 1! One of my students is almost 5 and the other is almost 6, and they are academically typical for those ages. We do the same lessons together, but I expect different from each of them.

In addition to our All About Reading curriculum, we also use other resources to practice. Below you can see us using our Self-Correcting CVC Word Cards. They sound out the word and flip the card over to see the image.

Letter R Fun

We enjoyed several different activities, most from my site! I will link everything we used below! These are the plans I share with their parents {and also use myself to keep on track}:

The Letter R activities shown below are included with our Ultimate PreK/Kindergarten @ Home Membership – which is the best way to get your hands on everything we offer, see the cost savings here!

Below you can see AK and Ki doing the following activities:




Raising Lil Rock Stars Letter R

While the kids color I tell them the story and we review the items on the display board {shapes, colors, numbers}. They also do tracing at home for homework!

Letter R Toys & Puzzles

I love setting up fun letter displays and playing with the items. See more ideas here!


The kids enjoy playing with the toys and reading the books. Another hands-on activity I have them do is bring in objects from home that begin with the letter we are studying. Each week I take a photo of them with the objects they bring in and then I edit it and we have a photo album of each letter! Here’s their letter R photo:


Letter R Books

We read tons of books featuring the Letter R! See all of our Letter R book ideas here!


You Can Read Word Family AP

We are using You Can Read Word Families in addition to our reading lessons. Word families are a great way to build confidence in reading CVC words. It also helps us review rhyming, and focus on word patterns. We are taking 2 weeks for each word family, this week we finished the _ap family. These are the plans I share with their parents {and also use myself to keep on track}:




LOVE Theme

We did this unit in February so we had fun with some heart theme printables and activities! These are the plans I share with their parents {and also use myself to keep on track}:




For math, I am selecting goals to focus on and using activities to work on those goals. I have been creating several activities to help with their goals, which you can download for free here on our math resources webpage. These are the plans I share with their parents {and also use myself to keep on track}:

Below you can see photos of them working on:

Letter R Printables, Books, & More

I am teaching young children again! Not my own children this time, but the children of a very good friend. See our original post about this new adventure here. One of the ways I plan to share with the parents of the kids I am teaching is through the use of Google Slides. I am creating slides to show what we are using so they can see and also so they can easily share with friends. In addition to sharing with them, I will be sharing with you!


Looking for previous letter posts?

Letter R Plans

You can see our plans for LETTER R here! You’ll find direct links to things we are using, and other links to help plan a Letter R unit! I decided to use Google Slides so I can update them easily in the future if needed! Click here or on the image below to see all of the activities we used, our lesson plans, and links to everything!


Letter R Books

I am also creating book collections for each letter so I remember to pull out certain books each week! Planning like this in advance really helps me remember all of my ideas! As I get older, the ideas vanish at times!

Here is a link to our Letter R Books! I will be using books we own as well as books from the library when able.



Why are we doing a letter-of-the-week approach?

Honestly, to keep my brain in order. Going from A to Z and focusing on a letter at a time helps me stay organized. Now, we won’t ONLY be focusing on that letter. This is just a simple way to have fun with letters and sounds through printable activities, hands-on items, and books!

What grade/age is this appropriate for?

I am not big on labeling kids between the ages of 3-6 because they are all so different! Tot School, Preschool, Pre-K, and Kindergarten have what I call “blurry lines” and a child doesn’t always fit into a specific grade. The plans I am sharing are appropriate for kids who are learning letters, and basic early childhood skills {rhyming, opposites, basic K math skills, colors, shapes, patterns, etc.}. When you follow along with us, you’ll see how I am working with my students at their own pace, rather than identifying a specific grade level. It is a mix of Pre-K and Kindergarten and will progress as needed. Much of what I create is labeled “Kindergarten” but is appropriate for many younger and even older kids. Use our assessment to guide your choices. Feel free to adjust and choose activities based on where YOUR child is at rather than what GRADE they should be in! That’s the beauty of homeschool!

Will we use the same activities each week, for each letter?

No! If I find my students don’t like a particular activity, I will probably choose something else {unless it is something I feel is absolutely necessary}. There are SO many options, many I have created myself, but they don’t need to do every single letter R printable out there. That’s silly. I will choose several based on what I think they will enjoy and will meet them at their level. It may change from week to week and you’ll be able to see what we use in our Google Slides for each letter, which I plan to post about as we move along!

Is this all we are doing?

No! Our themes will be based on our Kindergarten Literature Units.  We will also be doing a few other things, which you can see in the Google Slides! In addition to sharing our plans {like this post}, I am also writing posts after each week is complete. Stay tuned for Letter R in action!

Rainbow Books for Kids with Editable Library Checklist

Rainbow Books Editable Library Checklist

Print out our book checklist and get to the library to grab some fun RAINBOW books for your kids! Want to add more books to your list? Just edit the PDF and print it out after you add in the other books you want to grab!  You can choose to print the visual book list, or the checklist – both are included in the PDF download!

Rainbow Books for Kids (1) Rainbow Books for Kids (2)

The visual list is a great one to print and involve your child! Have your child circle books he/she would like to get from the library, or print it and use it to record {using a sticker or dot paint} which books you have read together! If you’d like to make your own visual book list, there’s a video tutorial here!

DIY REading List Video Cover

Want to purchase some of these great rainbow books? See them all here on Amazon! 


Rainbow books for Kids

A rainbow theme in spring is wonderful for Tot School, Preschool, Kindergarten and beyond!  Investigating rainbows is great for learning colors or diving deep into a weather unit!

More RAINBOW fun…

Looking for more Rainbow Theme Ideas for your classroom or homeschool?

Rainbow Printables and Ideas

Rainbow Toys

Download your free RAINBOW BOOK CHECKLIST here!

Rainbow Books Editable Book Checklist


Looking for more book lists?

Check these out:

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Fun with Rainbows Mini Printable Pack

Rainbow Theme Printables

I just love rainbows and love that God created such a beautiful symbol for us to always remember His promise. I have a new Rainbow Fun Mini Pack for you today! Hope you enjoy these fun new rainbow printables!

In this pack you will find the following pages and more…

rainbow printables (1)

rainbow printables (2) rainbow printables (3)rainbow printables (4) rainbow printables (5)



Download your free rainbow printables here!


More RAINBOW fun…

When my daughter was a tot she loved the song Somewhere Over the Rainbow, so I created a Rainbow Tot Pack in honor of her love.  You can see the printables here and see the pack in action here in our Rainbow Theme Tot School post.

Rainbow Tot Pack  Rainbow Theme Tot School


I also have done a few wrap up posts featuring our rainbow fun.  Hand on Rainbows is one of those, and Rainbow Crafts for Tots is another.

Rainbow Fun  Rainbow Crafts for Tots and Preschoolers


A few years ago, I created a Rainbow of Diversity printable pack, which stemmed from a very personal situation with my daughter, you can read more about it in the post.

Rainbow of Diversity Printables


Rainbow Q-Tip Painting Printables!

Rainbow Q-Tip painting


We have a Spring coloring set with some rainbow pages, and there’s also some Rainbows in our Noah’s Ark Q-Tip Painting set.

Spring Fun Coloring Printables  Noah's Ark Q Tip Printables


When my oldest was in 1st grade he made a Rainbow Lapbook, which has some free printables I created for him.

Rainbow Lapbook


We have a Rainbow Easy Reader here and our rainbow books are here!

Rainbows Easy Reader

Rainbow Pinterest Board

Follow {1plus1plus1} Carisa’s board Rainbow Theme on Pinterest.


Finish the Picture ~ M-R

Finish the Picture M, N, O, P, Q, R

Finish the Picture Drawing Printables are a fun and simple way to encourage creativity in drawing with a bit of support by providing a traceable outline to get a child started.

Here’s an example of before and after.

Slide284_thumb  Finish-the-Picture--47265_thumb

As you can see I scaled the pages down to print half sheets.  See how to do that here!


Letters M, N, O, P, Q and R are free to download here and other free sets will be coming. If you want all of them you can grab the full set here in my Teacher’s Notebook Shop.

Finish drawing a moose, a necklace, an octopus, a penguin, a quilt and a rabbit!

Finish the Picture Trace and Draw a (13) Finish the Picture Trace and Draw a (14)Finish the Picture Trace and Draw a (15) Finish the Picture Trace and Draw a (16)Finish the Picture Trace and Draw a (17) Finish the Picture Trace and Draw a (18)

Download M, N, O, P, Q, R for free here!

Grab the entire set here in my Teacher’s Notebook Shop


Lets-Draw-A-to-Z2132  Teachers-Notebook-Animal-Alphabet-Co  Letter-Mazes522