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~Ladybug is currently 39.5 months old~Tot School


Here is her desk set-up for letter R. I added some letter fun, featuring the letter R using our Letter Construction set, our alphabet peg set, magnetic R and fishing rod, Rosie’s Red Radish {these are at Costco right now I have heard, for a great price!}, and Letter R soup can.

Homeschool Tot School Letter R -9617

The printable items are available here on the Animal ABCs webpage. {files are released for free when they are posted on the Totally Tots blog for the ABC feature, letter R is not free yet, but it will be once it is posted on Totally Tots!}.

More Letter R/Raccoon Fun…


She chose to finger paint her letter R…Homeschool Tot School Letter Rr-9328

She cut all of her raccoons by herself!Homeschool Tot School Letter Rr-9330

She glued her raccoons down on another day…Homeschool Tot School Letter R -9596

Homeschool Tot School Letter R -9588

We used play dough to make the letter Rr…Homeschool Tot School Letter R -9587

Here she is working on Letter Rr Dot Fun, we used magnetic gems one day, and then went back to it with finger paints. This set is included in the Animal ABC Bundle, or you can purchase the set as a stand alone set for $1.25 on Teacher’s Notebook.Homeschool Tot School Letter R -8531

Homeschool Tot School Letter Rr-9335

Special Note: Please read my post about Following the Child’s Lead if you have a tot and need info about this. All tots are different and what Ladybug is doing may not be appropriate for your child, even if s/he is the same age!


She loves the Froggy Feeding Fun game.  Personally I think the frogs are a bit too tough for little kids, but that doesn’t seem to hinder her interest at all.  She just gets me to squeeze the frog while she feeds him…Homeschool Tot School-9540

Or, she uses 2 hands and gets me to feed him…

Homeschool Tot School-9554 Homeschool Tot School-9555

Foam block fun…Homeschool Tot School-9556

Playing catch…

Homeschool Tot School-9567 Homeschool Tot School-9571

I got her some new Aquadoodle tools in the Target toy clearance last week and it renewed her interest, BIG time!Homeschool Tot School-9573

She still loves to play with the Design and Drill like this…Homeschool Tot School-9319

We played lots of Connect Four, tot style {no rules}.Homeschool Tot School-9340


Magnetic pattern blocksHomeschool Tot School-9344

Sorting our Measuring Motors by size…Learning Resources Measuring Motors-9326

Creating with the Busy Hands Play Dough Box

Homeschool Tot School Letter R -9598 Homeschool Tot School Letter R -9611

Play dough puzzles using our wooden shapes from this toy.Homeschool Tot School Letter R -9613

We recently got this Alphabet Soup set and I LOVE it! I am planning to pull the cans down one at a time as we work through letters this time, and then again when she does RRSP. As she advances, we will use them for sound sorting!Homeschool Tot School Letter R -8521

Homeschool Tot School Letter R -9581


We had our annual church picnic and it poured down rain right before we arrived, leaving awesome puddles to jump in…

IMG_9645  IMG_9646

One of our friends had just picked up their chickens and were holding them in the back of their truck while at the picnic, Ladybug LOVED petting one!IMG_9719

She went on the swing all by herself for the first time! Usually she is scared and wants to sit with us!IMG_9856

The bigger kids had a sack race and she desperately wanted to join them!  Daddy helped her hop after they were all done!

IMG_9941 IMG_9942

Techy Tot

Ladybug continues to love her games on the iPad, here she was snuggled in our bean bag, playing Starfall.Homeschool Tot School-9350

We got a new free app {it was free for a limited time} called ABC Wildlife, she really enjoyed it!

Homeschool Tot School-9343


Insta-Tot4_thumbLadybug’s week on Instagram {I am using Printsgram to make the layout for the week!}

Featuring: Time with our Mommy’s helper Sarah, iPad time, snack with Krash, down the drain fear, mommy I found your hair, froggy time, baking cookies, swimming, puddle jumping, chicken petting, swimming, tether ball, climbing, and with Mommy!Ladybug on Instagram 8.12

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