Encouraging Reluctant Readers

Encouragine Reluctant Readers

Both of my boys are reluctant readers

PacMan loved to be read to, but when he was learning to read he didn’t like reading by himself as much as I wished he would.  He still does not choose reading during his free time.  Thankfully he reads and comprehends well, I just wish he loved it.

Krash, who is now learning to read, is just too busy!  He is a mover and I think he would read more if he could do cartwheels while reading.  He enjoys books and reading way more than PacMan, I just need him to sit down and hold still long enough to read!

I want him reading aloud more, especially during this crucial stage of reading development. To encourage him to do so, I created a few motivational charts and a special book basket for him.image

Right now we are using the “Can You Read 10 Books?” chart, but I made a 5, 10, and 20 version.  He earns a tiny prize when he completes his 10 books {last time it was BatMan stickers}.  I am requiring him to read to me so I can listen myself and work with him.  IMG_5815

I selected books for the basket based on where he is at right now, some are a bit easier and some more challenging, I let him choose.  Included are Bob Books, Sight Word Readers, Brand New Readers, and our Open Court book set that was donated to us from a school.

It’s especially fun when Stella joins us!IMG_5821

——> Download Reading Motivation Charts here! <——